Friday, January 15, 2010


Things are getting a little strange in southern California where local vampires are taking to the streets. What more can I really say?

The following is from Laist.

Vampires to Protest Lawndale's Garlic Removal Plan

Things are getting interesting in Lawndale (for once!). Years ago the city spent millions on redeveloping Hawthorne Boulevard. That included adding garlic plants to the medians, which was not only part of the project's cost, it cost residents and shoppers to endure an unpleasant stink. Nevertheless, the city council is now looking into spending $35,000 to have the plants removed.

"The only reason we had garlic put in was so we could keep the vampires out of town," Councilman Jim Ramsey told KTLA. "And since we have had garlic I haven't seen one single solitary vampire in town."

Ramsey's interview now has local vampires fuming. A group of them are planning to "take back Lawndale," according to a press release from an apparent vampire organizer. More from the release:

Let's speak up and take to the streets (with parasols, of course) to show that silly city council man that we're not afraid to say vampires were people too and won't take lightly to being shoo'd off the streets or being mocked in the news. City Councilman Jim Ramsey needs to learn that vampires will go where they please (unless it's inside a house without being invited) when they please (except in the daylight without proper protection) and we will stand up for our rights and the rights of the undead everywhere! Let's let Councilman Ramsey know that vampires stay out of Lawndale because it's a crappy town in the middle of nowhere, not because of some silly plants!

The group is meeting up at Jane Addams (Addams Family!) Park at the corner of Firmona Ave and Marine Ave. at noon on Saturday. The group will walk a short half-mile up Marine Ave to Hawthorne Blvd and then up to 14717 Burin Ave where the City Council building is located.Then they'll go get lunch at a local vampire friendly eatery.

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