Monday, January 11, 2010


The latest in a series of demonstrations in support of the anarchosyndicalist union FAU took place today in front of the German Embassy in Warsaw and consulates in Wroclaw, Gdansk, Gliwice and Olstzyn. Courts in Germany outlawed the FAU acting as a union late last year. The FAU though small represents an alternative larger, refomist and traditional trade unions. As such, it is a threat and as such it can't be allowed to thrive.

What the state never understands however is the will of the people to find their own way out of this mess we call capitalist society.

The following is from Centrum Informacji Anarchistycznej.

Day of Actions in Solidarity with FAU

On January 11 pickets were held in front of the German Embassy in Warsaw and consulates in Wroclaw, Gdansk, Gliwice and Olstzyn in support of the anarchosyndicalist union FAU. Protests were also seny in or delivered in a couple of other cities.

The pickets were to protest the court decision which essentially bans FAU as a legal trade union. Messages of solidarity were read in front of the embassy and leaflets given out. Activists promised to continue protest if the situation does not change.

Many of the activists criticized the role of the state and ver.di which acted in this case as a yellow union. Part of a statement written by ZSP and WRS reads:

If the employers don't want to negotiate directly with the workers, then direct action is the only way left to put pressure on the boss. Workers can formulate their own demands without the consent of the bosses and union bureaucrats - and that is exactly want they will do when their rights are violated. Such bans can lead to a radicalization of workers who will not tolerate further repression.

The full text of the statement is here in Polish:

In Wroclaw, embassy security did not want to let activists in to deliver a protest, nor did they even want to take it. After much insistance however, the activists received a confirmation of delivery. In Gdansk, a banner was hung on the consulate. In Olsztyn many leaflets were given out and passerbys expressed their support. In Warsaw there were radical speeches, singing of revolutionary songs and a visit to the Embassy residence where the diplomats live.

Besides ZSP, people from other groups took part, including WRS (Freedom, Equality and Solidarity), Anarchist Federation, Warmia Libertarian Library and Workers' Initiative.

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