Monday, January 11, 2010


Carrie Feldman, grand jury resister, would love to receive a book from you...or maybe a letter, or a short hello. Click the link below to find one way you can support Carrie.

Remember Carrie has been in jail since before Thanksgiving for refusing to cooperate with a witch hunting Davenport, Iowa grand jury which is harassing animal rights activists in the Midwest. She's in jail, so we all don't have to be.

The following is from Support Carrie and Scott...Resist State Repression where you can also find out all about the entire situation.

Carrie books and mail update

Carrie says thank you for all the books, mail and support she's received so far! A few words about books and mail: She sent us a list of books she's received so far. You can find it here. Check it out before you send books to avoid duplicates! She says she is particularly excited about getting "whatever books you think are good," whether or not they are related to math or science fiction. Also, the jail has been getting stricter about political content in her mail: so far, they have denied printouts of political articles and a solidarity statement. In at least one case, there were letters written on the back of these printouts, and she didn't get the letter! She wants to ask people to be mindful of what they say, and if you're going to send political stuff along, please write your letter separately so she'll get it. Coincidentally or not, the first day came recently where Carrie didn't get any mail, so if you've been thinking of writing her a letter, now's a good time to do it! Thanks again for all the support, and keep it coming!

Carolyn Feldman
Washington County Jail.
2185 Lexington Blvd. PO Box 6
Washington, IA 52353

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