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It is Prison Friday here at Scission and I have found an article at the San Francisco Bay View which is almost not to be believed, but it must be.  I don't even know exactly how to describe this article except to say it sounds like something you might read in some punk science fiction novel.  I am talking about hand cuffs like none you have ever imagined...and they may be just around the corner waiting for the Torture States of America.

Electroshock torture handcuffs now patented: Deliver shocking torture, ‘gas injections’ and ‘chemical restraints’ to prisoners via remote control

It’s like something ripped right out of a dystopian futuristic sci-fi novel: A U.S. patent has been uncovered that describes electronic handcuffs capable of delivering torturous electroshocks, “gas injections” and injectable “chemical restraints” to prisoners who wear them. The cuffs can be remote-controlled by prison guards, cops or MPs to deliver stronger or weaker electroshocks as desired… or even chemical injections.
Photo courtesy of, which originally discovered this patent
The device is described inU.S. patent application number 20120298119, and the three people behind its invention are Corbin Reese of Scottsdale, Ariz., Donald L.Pegg of Chandler, Ariz., and Lucius L. Lockwood of Phoenix, Ariz.

As described in the patent application: “Embodiments of the restraining device of the present invention includes a restraint for physically constraining movement of at least a portion of a detainee’s body; an electric shock component coupled to the restraint; and a control system coupled to the electric shock component, the control system configured to cause the electric shock component to deliver a shock to the detainee when a predetermined condition occurs. The restraining device may be any device capable of being attached to a detainee and restraining at least a portion of the detainee’s body, and in various implementations may include at least one of: a handcuff; an ankle cuff; a restraining belt; a straightjacket; a harness; a facial restraint; a helmet; and a neck collar; and combinations thereof.

Combined with RFID to deliver proximity electroshocks

The handcuffs are able to deliver electroshock torture in combination with RFID chips that determine the distance between prisoners and weapons or other objects. If the prisoner wearing the cuffs approaches too closely to an RFID-equipped object, they are electro-shocked.

As the patent describes, “if a weapon is equipped with an RFID or other identification device, sensors in the restraining device may transmit a signal and receive a response signal indicating that a weapon is in a predetermined proximity, and if the detainee does not move away from the weapon to cause the response signal to fall below a predetermined threshold, a shock will be administered.”

If you fail to verbally acknowledge, you will be electroshocked

The cuffs can also be configured to deliver electroshocks to prisoners upon their failure to verbally acknowledge something. As described in the patent: “In yet another embodiment, an unauthorized activity occurs when the detainee fails to provide a predetermined verbal acknowledgement.”

If you do not answer, “Yes, sir!” in other words, you will be tortured for your silence.

‘Gas injection’ system medicates prisoner with government chemicals

It’s not enough to merely electroshock torture prisoners who are wearing these cuffs, by the way. The invention also includes microscopic needles and a “gas injection system” to inject the prisoner with whatever drugs or chemicals the government desires.

As described in the patent: “Various embodiments of the restraining device of the present invention also comprise a substance delivery system in communication with the control system, wherein the control system is configured to cause the substance delivery system to expose the detainee to the substance. The substance may include any substance capable of being stored or delivered by the restraining device to achieve any desired result, and may be a least one of a liquid, a gas, a dye, an irritant, a medication, a sedative, a transdermal medication or transdermal enhancers such as dimethyl sulfoxide, a chemical restraint, a paralytic, a medication prescribed to the detainee, and combinations thereof. In some embodiments, the restraining device may be configured to inject the substance through a movable needle or gas injection system. Administration of such substances may be in addition to or in place of any electric shocks delivered by the restraining device, and substances may be delivered to achieve any desired goal such as providing a needed medication to a patient, preventing occurrence of uncontrollable psychotic episodes or seizures, suppression of undesirable behavior, chemical restraint when electrical restraint is insufficient (such as in the case if an energy storage device in the restraining device has insufficient charge state) or any other desired reason.”

Can you get any more police state than this?

Brought to you by the same company that manufactures S&M sex toys

Fun Cuffs electroshock sex toys
This picture, taken from the home page of the inventors of electroshock handcuffs, depicts some of the sex bondage cuffs that their company promotes at

Natural News has learned that the inventors of these electroshock torture handcuffs are the same people involved in the manufacture and marketing of S&M sex toy handcuffs. As their home page explains, Fun Cuffs are electroshock sex toys that deliver “naughty” shocks to whatever perverted sex partner you might be toying with at the moment

As their website explains: “Fun Cuffs is a revolutionary product that combines traditional handcuffs with the ability to remotelyshock the person wearing the Fun Cuffs. The level of shock can be adjusted on the remote from “nice” to “naughty.” The Fun Cuffs are rechargeable so they are long lasting, allowing more time to enjoy the excitement they will bring to your play.”

These electroshock S&M cuffs were apparently the beginning of what has now become a new police state electroshock torture device. On their home page as viewed on Dec. 12, 2012, they tease about what’s coming soon with their electroshock torturehandcuffs, saying, “Stay tuned. More shocking news to come …” as if it’s all a big joke.

In case Fun Cuffs changes their home page (which they will after this story goes viral), we have captured an image of their home page, taken on Dec. 12, 2012. Click here to view it.

Prison guards, TSA and federal police state goons exhibit cruel behavior

If you put these electroshock torture devices into the hands of today’s sociopathic law enforcers, it creates the perfect recipe for cruel and unusual punishment of victims who have merely been handcuffed and may not be guilty of any crime whatsoever.

In California, the raw milk man James Stewart was shackled by LA County Jail goons who chained Stewart’s arms and legs together, then left him in a cold, isolated cell to suffer from hypothermia. This was all part of an effort to get Stewart to relent and give in to a plea bargain – which he eventually did, in order to save his own life.

Had LA County Jail guards been given access to these new patented “electroshock torture handcuffs,” they would no doubt have enjoyed a few rounds of delivering painful shocks to Stewart’s body as they remote controlled the device.

This is the problem with the introduction of new torture technologies into a police state society that utterly lacks ethics, morals and compassion. The United States government no longer even follows law! Instead of the devices being used for the purpose of protecting citizens’ rights as guaranteed under the U.S. Bill of Rights, they will be used as entertainment devices for police state goons to “get their kicks” by torturing prisoners.

Mike Adams, known as the Health Ranger, is the editor of, where this story first appeared. To view the complete patent application for electroshock handcuffs and all its claims, go to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

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Idle No More is the latest and, perhaps, the most dramatic example of the multitude taking on the Empire.  It began in Canada but it spread almost instantly  to EVERYWHERE.  There is no outside when all is inside.  Idle No More means every single day is a day for action.  Idle No More has leadership and no leadership.  It is young and it is old.  It has demands and it has no demands.  It is local and it is international.  It is traditional and it is virtual.

Jacob Devaney writes, 

"At its very core, all of these movements have very common threads and are born from common issues facing people everywhere. Those who represent financial interests that value money over life itself, that are devoid of basic respect for human decency, and for nature have dictated the future for too long and people everywhere are standing up to say, "No more." This non-violent social uprising is viral in the minds and hearts of everyone across the planet determined to bring healing to our troubled communities, our planet, and the corruption that is eroding the highest places of governments around the world."

He is right and he is wrong.  Idle No more is a movement of the indigenous people.  It can't be stolen from them.  However, Idle No More touches so many beyond the indigenous community as well simply because the Empire is molding us all into one big mass of singularities, the same, yet different.

Dave Sauer, president of the Winnipeg Labour Council, says in the Winnipeg Metro, the issues being raised by the Idle No More protests, specifically the federal government’s Bill C-45, affect Canadians of all backgrounds — and should therefore interest them.

“As a trade unionist, we live and die by our … agreements,” said Sauer. “The treaties that we’ve made with the First Nations of this country… right now it’s pretty obvious that those are not being followed through on, one end is not honouring the agreement.”

Wab Kinew, director of indigenous inclusion at the University of Winnipeg, wrote anarticle for the Huffington Post on the Idle No More movement when it started gathering steam in December.

“When aboriginal people do well, all of Canada does well,” said Kinew, adding he hopes Idle No More also becomes an awakening for young people of all backgrounds and political stripes to get educated on and engaged with “the policies and the programs that are going to determine their futures.

“A lot of the things which other Canadian people prize, like the great outdoors, the rights and freedoms that we have, these are values that most of the people involved with Idle No More are focusing on.”

Idle No More is also a flash Round Dance in Denver where five people were arrested, including a seventeen year old Cheyenne/Arapaho by the name of Cheyenne Birdshead.

Idle No More is the increbibly courageous and insipiring Attawapiskat First Nation chief Theresa Spence whose hunger strike is moving the Earth itself. 

And yet, Idle No More is not Chief Spence at all.  After all it began before Chief Spence began her hunger strike as a grass roots movement while Chief Spence represents more traditional indigenous leadership.  

Founding organizers of Idle No More in Saskatchewan posted a statement online saying that elected First Nations chiefs do not speak for the social movement.

"The chiefs have called for action, and anyone who chooses can join with them, however this is not part of the Idle No More movement," the statement said.
"While we appreciate the individual support we have received from the chiefs and councillors, we have been given a clear mandate by the grassroots to work outside the system of government, and that is what we will continue to do."
Chief Spence responded to that call.  "We need to continue to encourage and stand in solidarity as Indigenous Nations," Spence said in a statement Wednesday. "We are at a historical moment in time, and I ask that grassroots, chiefs and all community members come together in one voice."
Not to worry, not really.
Pamela Palmater, a politics professor and leader with Idle No More, is quoted on the CBC stating the movement has remained largely united as it has gained momentum and that any debate over leadership has to do with who sets the agenda.
"I think what [the founders of Idle No More] were trying to convey was that they don't want the First Nations political organizations to take the reins, and decide what will and won't happen with the grassroots people."
"But that's different from us as Idle No More working with the chiefs on the ground," she added. "This whole movement started out with that partnership and we've maintained that partnership all the way through."

At the blog Shift Frequency, Morgan Maher writes:

"After generations of genocide, political slight-of-hand, segregation and degradation, after being tossed empty words and shoved with broken promises, broken homes, broken lives, suicides, dead food and contaminated water – thousands upon thousands of indigenous people are gathering in cities, towns, villages, malls, plazas, galleries, roads and railways across Canada, the US – all around the planet – to dance, sing and stand up for human rights and human decency..."

Again, Idle No More is an uprising, a fight back, a struggle for the future led by and for the indigenous people of Canada and the indigenous people of the world.

Kirstin Scansen is a Nehithaw woman, from the Lac La Ronge Indian Band in Treaty 6 territory, Saskatchewan says,

Idle No More presents a challenge to the old colonial order that forms the basis of Canadian society. This movement has been about challenging oppression in very real and very meaningful ways. It has meant questioning the legitimacy and authority of colonial laws by pushing the limits of these laws. Idle No More means not only speaking of Indigenous sovereignty, but living out our inherent sovereignty as nations. This is especially important in the case of Omnibus Bill C-45, where our fundamental human rights to clean water, lands and foods are at risk. Essentially, Harper and the Conservative government of Canada are legislating the extinguishment of our Indigenous nationhood.  Our response has been two-fold: to re-situate ourselves as nations, and to rejuvenate the commitment of our people and Settler society to the Treaty relationship."

And Idle No More is Much More...which brings us back to Jacob Devaney who writes further, 

Society and nature work in similar ways to our own body’s immune system. We are given a symptom that causes us to be aware that there is an illness that needs to be addressed. We can try to suppress the symptom, but that does not heal the illness. Popular uprisings with very core commonalities are spreading all over the planet. Exploitation of our environment, as well as the exploitation of people and cultures for the sake of financial gain is immoral and must be stopped at the highest levels of our governments."

Devaney, who by the way is  is Founder and Director of Culture Collective, adds we, you and I, face a rather simple choice.  He writes that we can either:

"...continue to be part of the cancer that slowly destroys our water, our air and the resources that are the fabric of life by staying unconscious, or become the conscious antidote that slowly kills the cancerous disease which threatens the existence of life on the planet..."

or, we can be the equivalent of,

"A factory producing monkey wrenches for the gears of the machine which is at the center of our collective demise."

The following is from Indian Country Today.

Idle No More, Indeed

JANUARY 03, 2013

As Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence enters her fourth week on a hunger strike outside the Canadian parliament, thousands of protesters in Los Angeles, London, Minneapolis and New York City, voice their support. Spence and the protesters of the Idle No More Movement, are drawing attention to some deplorable conditions in Native communities, and recently passed legislation C-45, which sidesteps most Canadian environmental laws. "Flash mob" protests with traditional dancing and drumming have erupted in dozens of shopping malls across North America, marches and highway blockades by aboriginal groups across Canada and supporters have emerged from as far away as New Zealand and the Middle East. This weekend, hundreds of Native people and their supporters held a flash mob round dance with hand drum singing, at the Mall of America, again as a part of the Idle No More protest movement. This quickly emerging wave of Native activism on environmental and human rights issues has spread like a wildfire across the continent.

“Idle No More” is Canadian for “that’s enough BS, we’re coming out to stop you,” or something like that. Spence is the leader of Attawapiskat First Nation, a very remote Cree community from James Bay, Ontario. The community’s on reserve 1,549 residents ( a third of whom are under l9) have weathered quite a bit, the fur trade, residential schools, a status as non-treaty Indians, and limited access to modern conveniences- like a toilet, or maybe electricity. This is a bit common place in the north, but it has become exacerbated in the past five years, with the advent of a huge diamond mine.

DeBeers, the largest diamond mining company in the world moved into Cree territory company in 2006 . The company states it is “is committed to sustainable development in local communities.” This is good to know. This is also where the first world meets the third world in the north, as Canadian MP Bob Rae discovered last year on his tour of the rather destitute conditions of the village. There is no road into the village eight months of the year, four months a year, during freeze up , there’s an ice road. A diamond mine needs a lot of infrastructure. And that has to be shipped in, so the trucks launch out of Moosonee, Ontario. Then, they build a better road. The problem is that the road won’t work when the climate changes, and already stretched infrastructure gets tapped out. .” Last year, Attawapiskat drew international attention , when many families in the Cree community were living in tents at minus 40 .

There is some money flowing in. A 2010 report from DeBeers states that payments to eight communities associated with its two mines in Canada totaled $5,231,000. Forbesmagazine reports record diamond sales by the "world’s largest diamond company...increased 33 percent, year-over-year, to $3.5 billion. The mining giant, which produces more than a third of the world’s rough diamonds, also reported record EBITDA of almost $1.2 billion, a 55 percent increase over the first the first half of 2010.”

As the Canadian Mining Watch group notes “Whatever Attawapiskat’s share of that $5-million is, given the chronic under-funding of the community, the need for expensive responses to deal with recurring crises, including one that DeBeers themselves may have precipitated by overloading the community’s sewage system, it’s not surprising that the community hasn’t been able to translate its … income into improvements in physical infrastructure . Neighboring Kaschewan is in similar disarray. They have been boiling water, and importing water. The village almost had a complete evacuation due to health conditions, and “ … fuel shortages are becoming more common among remote northern Ontario communities right now,” Alvin Fiddler, Deputy Grand Chief of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation, explained to a reporter. That’s because the ice road used to truck in a year’s supply of diesel last winter did not last as long as usual. “Everybody is running out now. We’re looking at a two-month gap” until this winter’s ice road is solid enough to truck in fresh supplies, Mr. Fiddler said.

Kashechewan’s chief and council are poised to shut down the band office, two schools, the power generation centre, the health clinic and the fire hall because the buildings were not heated and could no longer operate safely. “ In addition some 21 homes had become uninhabitable,” according to Chief Derek Stephen . Those basements had been flooded last spring, as the weather patterns changed. Just as a side note, in 2007, some 21 Cree youth from Kashechewan attempted to commit suicide, and the Canadian aboriginal youth suicide rate is five times the national average. Both communities are beneficiaries of an agreement with DeBeers.

The reality is that these communities would never see the light of media attention, if it wasn’t for Theresa Spence, and probably facebook, twitter and social media. Chief Theresa Spence is still hoping to meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, urging him to "open his heart" and meet with native leaders angered by his policies. "He's a person with a heart but he needs to open his heart. I'm sure he has faith in the Creator himself and for him to delay this, it's very disrespectful, I feel, to not even meet with us," she said. Native communities receive little or no attention, until a human rights crisis of great proportion causes national shame. Facebook and social media may change and equalize access for those who never see the spotlight. ( Just think of Arab Spring). With the help of social media the Idle No More movement has taken on a life of its own in much the same way the first "Occupy Wall Street" camp gave birth to a multitude of "occupy" protests with no clear leadership. "This has spread in ways that we wouldn't even have imagined," said Sheelah McLean, an instructor at the University of Saskatchewan , one of the four women who originally coined the "Idle No More" slogan. "What this movement is supposed to do is build consciousness about the inequalities so that everyone is outraged about what is happening here in Canada. Every Canadian should be outraged." Actually, we all should be outraged, and Idle no More.

Winona LaDuke is an Anishinaabekwe (Ojibwe) enrolled member of the Mississippi Band Anishinaabeg who lives and works on the White Earth Reservations, and is the mother of three children. She is also the Executive Director of Honor the Earth, where she works on a national level to advocate, raise public support, and create funding for frontline native environmental 

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I am going to start out 2013 at Scission with some information that my newest greyhound friend Hawk has asked me to pass along.  He wants everyone to know just what is what with the greyhound racing and killing industry which we both despise with a passion.  He wants you to know that greyhounds, amongst the sweetest creatures you will ever meet, didn't do anything bad to humans to deserve in any way the treatment some humans dish out to them.  Hawk knows that not all humans are nasty, uncaring, money grubbing, creeps, but he needs you to know that some are.  Speaking on behalf of all his sisters and brothers, Hawk is asking for your help to put a stop to the torture and murder.  He also wants to thank all the wonderful humans who have given greyhounds happy forever homes.

The following is from Planet Greyhound.

The Difference Between Greyhound Racing’s
Propaganda and Reality is like:

Racing Industry Promotional Claims..

1) Greyhound racing is a humane, fun and harmless sport.

2) Racing greyhounds are prized athletes that receive the best of care. We treat our greyhounds better than most people treat their pets.

3) Cases of abuse and killing of racing greyhounds are rare isolated incidents.

4) Critics of the dog racing industry are wacko animal rights extremists who are opposed to the use of animals for any purpose.

5) Humane Societies euthanize thousands of unwanted dogs.

6) We would not have to euthanize greyhounds if more people would adopt them.

7) Racing greyhounds would not run if they were not well cared for.

8) Greyhound racing is a highly regulated sport with high standards of animal care.


The Reality..

1) The business of greyhound racing is responsible for the death of thousands upon thousands of greyhounds every year.

2) Greyhound adoption organizations routinely receive racing dogs riddled with external and internal parasites, open sores and untreated broken bones. Many are also covered with scars.

3) Over the last two decades, hundreds of cases of abuse have been documented including greyhounds that were shot, starved, electrocuted and sold for research. Industry insiders report that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

4) This statement is merely a public relations ploy designed to marginalize industry critics. The killing and abuse of greyhounds is a mainstream issue that has been taken to heart by the American public. Opposition to industry practices has been publicly stated in newspaper editorials, by government officials and mainstream animal welfare organizations.

5) Humane Societies do not breed dogs; make money off of them; kill them. Then repeat the cycle.

6) It is not the responsibility of private charities like adoption organizations or the American public to white wash the image of the dog racing industry.

7) Running is instinctual for greyhounds. In fact, it is not uncommon for a greyhound to finish a race in spite of having suffered a serious injury.

8) In most states, dog racing regulations are essentially concerned with gambling rules; breeding and training farm operations are virtually unregulated.

Where Do All Those Puppies Go..

Many greyhound puppies and youngsters are judged to be of inferior racing quality at birth or during the farm training process. Many owners elect not to continue investing in dogs that demonstrate little potential of making money; the vast majority of those dogs are destroyed on the farm before they ever start a racing career. In recent years the yearly disappearance of thousands of puppies is explained away by the industry spokesperson as death from “natural causes”. However, this same spokesperson admitted in an interview that puppies were, in fact, destroyed on the farms. Industry insiders confirm that large numbers of pups are destroyed. Young greyhounds that do show promise are individually registered and named before going to a track at about 18 months.

In the tenth century, King Howel of Wales declared that the penalty for killing a greyhound was the same as that of killing a person, death. In the days of the Egyptians, greyhounds were valued by the pharaohs for their grace, beauty and mild temperament. But in the 21st century, greyhounds in the racing world are prized for only one thing…speed. Every year thousands of greyhounds are killed in various inhumane ways simply because they are not fast enough. 

It’s an industry that exists solely for the entertainment of humans at the cost of animal lives.

Because greyhound racing has little to do with dogs and everything to do with money, scant regard is given to the humane treatment of the greyhounds. This is an industry that places profits above the health and welfare of greyhounds, how else would you explain the culling of unwanted dogs, a general disregard toward animal injury, and the inhumane living conditions that the majority of the dogs endure?

Struggling to Survive….

Greyhounds are at a disadvantage even before they are born. Tens of thousands of greyhounds are bred annually, many more than are needed to race, in an attempt to create the fastest dogs. The greyhounds are then “weeded out “killed” if they are at any time determined unable to become racetrack stars.

“From the time they are born, they are judged for their racing ability,” says Laura Bevan, director of the Southeast Regional Office of The HSUS. “As puppies they may be killed, or culled, if they don’t have potential to be good racers. After that, any injury or slow down of speed can mean death. The dogs are a commercial product, and once it is determined that they don’t have value as a racer at a track, their days are numbered.”

Throughout their racing career, the dogs routinely endure inhumane conditions and have little human contact. Many greyhound farms are barely getting by financially, so the dogs are kept caged most of the time and fed low quality foods. Each dog is a major expense, which is why so many are killed in various, inhumane, ways when they are deemed unfit to race.

 Please consider adopting a greyhound. So many are waiting for someone like you and me to save their lives. And if adoption is not an option for you right now, they are always in need of people who are willing to foster. In fact, there are many ways you can help, so please do. Join the fight to stop  the racing and subsequent killing of these precious greyhounds.