Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Activist took to the streets with protests over a police brutality case in Springfield, MA on Monday. They want action taken against the cop who beat a 28 year old African American man late last year. It wasn't the cops first episode of brutality. Ever wonder on average how many times per day police beat someone somewhere in America? Ever wonder what the percentage of those assaulted by police are people of color?

The following is from WWLP.

Protest focuses on police brutality

Members of ARISE for Social Justice and OUT NOW Springfield staged a protest outside of the former Federal Court House on Main Street in Springfield. They are condemning the alleged beating of a 28-year old black man by Springfield police officer Jeffrey Asher in November that was caught on tape. They say they want Asher fired and new procedures for reviewing allegations of police misconduct. "We don't want him as a cop anymore. He doesn't deserve it," said Ashley Gadson of OUT NOW Springfield. "We want a real community police review board. Not something the cops put together, but we as a community want to speak to how we feel." Officer Jeffrey Asher has been accused of brutality against African-Americans in the past, including two high profile cases in 1997 and 2004.

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