Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The following update on the health of Fidel Castro comes from La Prensa.

Fidel Castro Perfectly Well

Havana, Aug 2 (Prensa Latina) President Fidel Castro said in a message addressed to the Cuban people he is perfectly well and his health is stable, and thanked his country and the world for the solidarity it has shown.

In a text broadcast on the regular Cuban roundtable TV program Tuesday, the Cuban leader stated that his country works perfectly well and is ready to defend the Revolution with the support of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the people.

The statesman regretted having caused concern and sorry and expressed his confidence in the Cuban Revolution"s strength.

President Fidel Castro has provisionally delegated his responsibilities as leader of State, government, the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), and the Communist Party (PCC).

In a proclamation to the people of Cuba, the Revolutionary leader explained that he was temporarily ceding his national and international State obligations for education, health and energy savings.

The functions of Commander-in-Chief of FAR, State Ministerial Council president, and first PCC secretary were assumed by First Vice President Gen. Raul Castro Ruz, who is also FAR minister and second PCC secretary.

According to the message, Fidel Castro"s health has been under extreme stress, which provoked internal intestinal bleeding.

Fidel Castro stated in his message that Cuba"s specific situation, due to possible US plans, makes his state of health a State secret and it cannot be constantly published.

"I will say that my health is stable, but it needs time," asserted the Cuban head of State.

"We have to fight and work," expressed Fidel Castro when concluding his letter addressed to his people.

Fidel Castro"s proclamation has had great international repercussion, noted panelists of the roundtable television and radio program.

Outstanding figures and presidents worldwide continue expressing their wishes for Fidel Castro"s prompt recovery, and there have been several examples of solidarity with the Cuban statesman and people, the panelists stressed.

"We need your good sense and competence to assure the presidency of the Non-Aligned Countries Movement Summit with natural authority," said Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika when expressing his votes for the rapid recovery of the Cuban leader.

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