Friday, April 18, 2008


Okay, I will come out and admit it now, least it come up in any future debate. I will tell you upfront I have a personal disclosure to make before I begin this angry and sarcastic diatribe.

I have, on more than one occasion, spent time in the company of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. On several occasions I even stayed in their walk up in NYC when they lived there while I was in the Big Apple on political business of one nefarious kind or another.

I haven't seen them for a few years now, but what can I say the truth is out there.

Of course, if you know anything about me, which most of you really don't, the fact that I have known them also proves that they have known me. Maybe that could be used against them.

And the fact that they know me and they know Obama means that Obama almost knows me...or something.

And the fact that they may have known some people who Bill Clinton pardoned, and I know them means that I almost know some people who Bill Clinton pardoned.

Holy cow!

Does this mean I know Bill Clinton?

You know what I do know. I know exactly what Bill (Ayers not Clinton) meant when he said one regret he had was that we hadn't done enough.

I get that! I've even said that myself!

Hell, we're not doing enough right now...are we?

Bill (Ayers not Clinton) and the Weather Underground being bantered about in a McCarthy (not Gene, the other one) like Presidential Debate ticks me off. First, its the moderators with the "have you now or have you ever been associated with..." question. Then it's the Clinton (Hillary, not Bill) "and you know what else" add on. Finally, there is the heroic Obama "yeah, well, so's your old man" retort.

Such courage on all sides is hard to take.

May I point out just for the record that the only people who died in any Weather action were Weatherpeople. No one else, no innocent civilians or not so innocent officials were ever injured. The Weatherpeople made sure of that...unlike those who directed the dropping of a gazillion bombs on the people of Vietnam during the criminal war going on at the time...unlike the police who gunned down Panthers while they slept...unlike etc. etc. etc. (you get the point).

I never knew Lyndon Johnson or Richard Nixon by the way. I'm proud of that.

Does anyone happen to remember what was going on back in the days of SDS and the Weather Underground?

I do.

Apparently neither George Stephanopoulos, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama ("I was only eight...") does.

Did I and I'm sure Bill Ayers (and a good many others on our "side") do or say anything stupid back in the day? I know I did and I'm sure they did, too.

But I gotta tell you it was a time to be angry. If you weren't, well, you should be ashamed not proud. And when you are angry, well, sometimes you get stupid for a minute...sometimes for that matter you have to get stupid for a minute.

We weren't the real criminals (although many of us, including yours truly spent time behind bars anyway).

Which reminds me of my own moment when while I was behind those bars the FBI dropped by to ask me for the millionth time if I knew where Bernardine Dohrn was "hiding out?" Always before, true to my policy of nothing good comes from saying anything to the poliiice when they came calling and asked that question, I stood mute. That last time though, at Leavenworth, I couldn't resist smilingly responding, "She's not here."

By the way Barack, Hillary, and George weren't there either.

So yeah the debate pissed me off. And not because I felt sorry for poor Barack.

No, that certainly wasn't the reason.

I was pissed that George played McCarthy.

I was pissed that Hillary chimed in.

I was pissed that Obama displayed a total lack of courage or character and just tried to "out McCarthy" them by his crack about the pardons of Susan Rosenberg (served over 16 years in prison) and Linda Evans (served over 15 years in prison).

By the way that is a long time to be in prison.

Enough is enough already.

I'm not going to be able to write any more today. Don't feel like it.

Instead, I gotta go take a shower before I turn into one of those "bitter Americans" you hear so much about these days.

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