Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It will be 15 years since Waco and 13 years since Oklahoma City and the nazis are coming to DC on April 19th. Their piggish march will be targeting non-white immigration and immigrants. They believe now is the time to cash in on all the anti-immigrant crap going down in this nation of ours. As they put it on their web site:

"In 2008 the Immigration issue will be at the forefront. Anyone with eyes and ears can bear witness to the changing face of our Nation. This will be the opportunity of a lifetime for Pro-White and Pro-American activists to make themselves heard."

These jackboots will be countered. Make no mistake about that. (See post below)

Truth is it makes perfect sense for them push forward with an anti-immigrant march. They've been part of that movement all along.

This would be a good time for "us" to expose that connection while shutting down hate speech.

Please don't sent in comments about "free speech." Nazis want me dead. I'm not interested in their right to spew forth their filth as part of their on going campaign to kill me and all us other other "non-aryans."

The following Call to Action comes from Washington DC Indy Media.

Confront the Nazis in Washington DC – April 19, 2008 – 11:30 AM

Youtube video:

Assemble at 11:30 AM on the Southwest corner of Constitution Ave NW and 14th St NW
Neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement Plans to Rally on National Mall near Washington Monument

On, April 19, 2008, at 12 PM (noon) the neo-Nazi, white-supremacist organization known as the “National Socialist Movement” is planning to march and rally “against illegal immigration” on the National Mall in Washington, DC, on the North Side of the Washington Monument. The monument is located to the South of Constitution Avenue NW, between 15th St NW and 17th St NW.

Coming on the heels of the racist immigration ordinance passed in Prince William County, Virginia (and similar laws passed elsewhere in the US), and coupled with the alarming rise in the number of known hate groups in the United States, we feel that the march of these racist bigots must be confronted vigorously, and with strength.

Despite claims that those opposed to immigration are concerned about “the rule of law”, terrorist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the National Socialist Movement have always attempted to blame immigrants, African-Americans, Jews, non-heterosexual people, and all people of color for what they perceive to be “societal problems”. It is clear that their hatred is based on racial prejudice, and the law is merely an excuse to spread their white supremacist beliefs. We believe that it is not any coincidence that xenophobes and white supremacists share views on immigration, and immigrants.

The National Socialist Movement, according to their website, are “America's Nazi Party”, and are “…inspired by our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler.” The group is currently, according to the Anti-Defamation League, the largest neo-Nazi group in the United States, largely due to the implosion of several other neo-Nazi groups.

They are the same organization that, in order to stir up hatred, marched in Toledo, Ohio (in 2005) in a neighborhood largely made up of people of color. They did indeed, get a reaction, as riots ensued, and the Nazis, and the police protecting them, were run out of the area for a time.

We invite all those opposed to fascism and racism to come and confront this very real, and dangerous neo-Nazi group. Gather at 11:30 AM on the Southwest corner of Constitution Ave NW and 14th St NW (the Mall side), to assemble before confronting the fascists.


Anonymous said...

I love how you group and categorize people who are against ILLEGAL immigration as Nazis, and how they are behind the movement to stop ILLEGAL immigration. That's NOT the truth, and you are a huge liar! Illegal is illegal. Know the meaning of the word? They have no rights, and they do NOT belong here. They entered our country with no regard for our laws and no respect for our people or our country. They do NOT deserve to stay here, let alone do they deserve any benefits or rewards! Get real already! We can not afford to support all of Mexico, and I certainly won't even try. There are MANY, MANY, MANY LEGAL US citizens who feel the same way, and none of them are members of the Nazi party! Those are the facts, so STOP SPREADING LIES!

Anonymous said...

It's idiots like the that who create hatred and continue to regurgitate lies about ILLEGAL immigration. Just because people are against ILLEGAL immigration does NOT make them a Nazi. LEGAL US citizens can not afford to pay for the all the world. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. We're on the verge of a collapse of our economy. If you have a brain, use it and think about that for a minute or so. Now what's the logical conclusion? Duh!

Unknown said...

Above posters:

They were actual nazis... They had swastika flags and were self-proclaimed members of the NSM party.