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I gotta tell y'all back in the 80s I worked on this anti-racist, anti-fascist magazine THE HAMMER. I remember reading Willis Carto's The Spotlight to get all the news the anti-semites saw fit to print. Even then old man Willis who had founded the Liberty Lobby had been around for about a thousand years. So you can imagine my surprise to find this crotchety ancient racist is still out there. Shit, I figured he was long dead along with his precious Spotlight (which did pass on in 2001).

Lenny Zeskind, a guy I used to know and get along with back then in HAMMER days, a few years ago described Carto as "America's most successful professional anti -semite and racist."

What a guy?

There is a special place in hell for this piece of crap.

Anyway, you'll find mention of Willis in the report below.

We wish to thank
One People's Project for the following story.

Written by One People's Project
Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Monday's rally outside the German Embassy proved that the neo-Nazis in this country have had enough, ENOUGH! we say...of looking at huge throngs of antifa coming at them whenever they decide to protest something. Over the past two years, the only ones that have been doing public rallies were a the people and organizations that never had and never will had any influence in the WP scene. The ones that do have some stake in the game laid low, and did their things away (they hope) from prying eyes. That's why Monday's rally for Ernst Zundel was important. Never mind the fact that they had 35 attendees to only 7 counter-demonstrators. This rally brought out Willis Carto. That's Willis Carto, the founder of the Liberty Lobby in 1955, Willis Carto, the former editor of the Spotlight newspaper. Willis Carto, notorious recluse, so notorious that on his Rogues' Gallery entry, we have been using a picture of him from the sixties because only until recently, now that he is 81 years old and about to die soon, it was the only one we could find! Bottom line: the people who participated in this rally are not too keen on opposition and articipated only because they didn't expect any on a Monday morning when everyone was at work. That says a lot about these cowardly jackasses, which also included National Alliance's Erich Gliebe and the Maryland and Keystone State "Skinheads". Let's see if they will try and pull this off again on a weekend maybe!

One People's Project

WASHINGTON, DC, May 7 - White supremacists found a novel way to keep opposition to their rallies down to a minimum: have those rallies on a weekday while that opposition is working. The end result was seen Monday as 35 neo-Nazis, anti-semites and other assorted hatemongers, many of them making the rarest of appearances at a rally, stood outside the German Embassy to protest the incarceration of Ernst Zundel, a holocaust denier that is serving five years in Germany for the crime.

The rally brought out only seven to oppose them. Among them were representatives of the DC Chapter of Anti-Racist Action, Students for a Democratic Society, and WQST-Radio, an underground radio network. There were also representatives of the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service at the rally.

Because the rally all but ensured little to no opposition, this rally was able to attract well-known hatemongers that are just as well known for staying away from events such as this. Erich Gliebe, Chairman of the National Alliance, was in attendance as was longtime anti-Semetic activist and recluse Willis Carto who was there representing the American Free Press as was Steve Lombardo who wore a shirt saying that 9-11 was an inside job. Also there were a group representing both the Maryland Skinheads and Keystone State Skinheads, whose were last seen publicly together attempting and failing to cause trouble at Pridefest in Philadelphia in 2005 before they were chased away by police and antifa. The last hate rally they participated in was the National Socialist Movement's (NSM) rally in Yorktown, VA on June 25, 2005, when participants were protected by police who kept counter-demonstrators 200 yards away from them. Before that was the NSM rally at Valley Forge, PA in August of 2004, and there, Nazis who drove in and out of the park had to run a gauntlet of activists who attacked their vehicles.

For those hatemongers who have participated in either rallies at the German Embassy in July 2002, or at a pro-Zundel rally at the Canadian Consulate in February 2005, when Zundel who was a naturalized Canadian citizen was at that time about to be deported to Germany, it had a less than desired outcome. At the German Embassy, the neo-Nazis clashed with antifa, resulting in then National Alliance Deputy Membership Coordinator Billy Roper with a tire iron. The Canadian Consulate only brought out nine Zundel supporters, but 60 antifa, many of them participating in the National Conference on Organized Resistance, turned out to oppose them. Both rallies happened on a Saturday.

There was a rumor that David Duke was supposed to participate, stemmed from his wide publicity of the rally, but he was a no-show.

"The day was not a total loss, as a lot of good intel was collected for later use," WQST reported. "Since the Nazis are in the stupid habit of traveling by car, activists were able to collect some of their license plate numbers. Especially stupid was their practice of driving by some of us on the way out and yelling at us, giving us the opportunity to quietly record their license plate numbers then and there.

"Still, the Nazis will leave today with far better memories than the last time they went to the German Embassy."

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