Friday, October 28, 2011


I have spent much of the morning trying to figure out how Occupy groups deal with "outsourcing" and "illegal immigration."  I put apostrophes around both because they are both so obviously nationalist and both so obviously tools of capitalism used to divide the working class that I sometimes can't bring myself to use their language.  Also, no one is illegal.  Anyway, couldn't find much and it seems to vary what little I did find from place to place.  That leads to this screed from me:

Isn't the plight of workers in other lands, isn't the plight of the poor coming here to look for work, isn't the racist attacks on the so called "undocumented"...isn't all this a part of Occupy Movement. 

Stop playing the capitalists game and attacking international workers with rhetoric like "Asians are staling our jobs", stop the claims that job loss and low wages are the fault immigrants cross
ing our borders, stop the nonsense. Fight for INTERNATIONAL WORKERS SOLIDARITY...or as us commies always say, "Workers of the world unite..."  

MEANWHILE...I did run into this:

Many activist across the county are occupying their community to protest again the greedy top 1% and the corrupted U.S. government policies, immigrant rights activist should also joining this powerful movement to occupy their local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office to protest against their racist anti-immigrant policies!

National Immigrant Solidarity Network

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