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"Can’t Jail the Spirit: Art by Political Prisoner Tom Manning" exhibits Manning’s paintings of political prisoners, freedom fighters, the earth and people struggling against oppression. Alongside the paintings is a media collage documenting radical struggles Tom Manning was connected with from anti-prison work in Portland, Maine to actions he took against the US government’s role in the apartheid regime in South Africa and genocide in Central America. For his actions, Tom Manning became a political prisoner and has taught himself to paint inside the prison walls. Tom’s paintings transcend concrete and razor wire, and show that they still can’t jail the spirit!

Can't Jail the Spirit was first displayed at the University of Southern Maine in Portland. A week after it went up, it was censored following intense pressure by state troopers and the police to shut it down. Tom's paintings transcend concrete and razor wire, and show that they still Can't Jail the Spirit!

at The Brecht Forum
451 West Street (West Side Highway, between Bank & Bethune Streets)
New York, New York

Friends and Comrades:

Susan Rosenberg
Luis Rosa
Atty. Bob Boyle
& Other Comrades
to be announced
Interview with Tom Manning

For more information, call the Brecht Forum at (212) 242-4201 or NYC Jericho at (718) 853-0893

Sponsored by New York City Jericho

Paintings donated by the Can’t Jail
the Spirit Portland Victory Gardens Project

Directions: A, C, E or L to 14th St. & 8th Ave, walk down 8th Ave. to Bethune, turn right, walk west to the river, turn left. 1, 2, 3 or 9 to 14th St.& 7th Ave, get off at south end of station, walk west on 12th Street to 8th Ave, left to Bethune, turn right, walk west to the river, turn left. PATH Train to Christopher Street, north on Greenwich St to Bank Street, left to the river.

The exhibit of Tom Manning’s art
will be at the Brecht until June 15

Co Sponsor: National Jericho Movement • P.O. Box 340084 • Jamaica, NY 11434

To download a flyer for this event, click here!

Tom Manning is a Vietnam veteran, working class revolutionary and US political prisoner. He militantly struggled against the war in Vietnam and supports the right of self-determination of all oppressed peoples. Tom Manning was captured in 1985 and sentenced to 53 years in federal prison for a series of bombings carried out as "armed propaganda" against apartheid and U.S. imperialism. He tirelessly fought against racist, genocidal capitalism in the USA. According to supporters Tom Manning was also wrongly sentenced to 80 years in prison for the self-defense killing of a New Jersey state trooper.

Tom Manning has been subject to human rights violations that include physical abuse, lock-down, and solitary confinement.

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