Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The Council of Conservative Citizens upcoming meeting at a Holiday Inn in Indiana deserves some attention, don't you think.

The Council of Conservative Citizens was founded in the mid-1990s as an outgrowth of the Citizens Councils of America. The Citizens Councils emerged in the mid-1950s as part of a white segregationist response to federally mandated integration of public facilities, especially following the 1954 Supreme Court ruling against separate-but-equal schools. This backlash movement, primarily based in the South, brought together whites of all classes and backgrounds.

Like the Citizens Council, the CCC constantly rails against communists and nonwhites. The anti-Semitism associated with the predecessor councils remains an underlying current in the CCC as well.

The group often invites speakers with extremist views to address its constituents. Various white supremacists and Christian Identity (a doctrine that maintains that Anglo-Saxons are the Biblical "chosen people," that nonwhites are "mud people" on the level of animals, and that Jews are the "children of Satan") preachers have been asked to speak at local and national events.

The Council of Conservative Citizens says it opposes interracial marriage, massive immigration of non-European and non-Western peoples, hate crime legislation, and multicultural and "Afrocentric" curricula in schools. While in Montgomery, Alabama in 2005 for a conference (which was addressed by George Wallace Jr.), members attended activities at the Capitol marking the birthday of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

The Council to no one's surprise has been active in the anti-immigrant hysteria of late.

In Greenville, South Carolina, the Council of Conservative Citizens held an anti-immigration demonstration on April 29 in front of the offices of Republican Congressman Lindsey Graham, where they burned Mexican flags and displayed signs such as "More INS, Less IRS," "Vote for Pedro to Go Home," and "I Didn't Fight in Iraq for Illegal Aliens."

The following is from the One Peoples Project.


CLARKSVILLE, IN--The Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), a white supremacist organization that has strong ties to the mainstream via members that are elected officials, will be holding their annual conference next month in a Holiday Inn near Louisville, Kentucky. This will be the second time this year that a major hotel chain was the location of a white supremacist conference, and this event is listing as speakers a former actor who has worked with Eddie Murphy and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a Canadian fascist who was most recently seen at National Vanguard's Conference in Elmwood Park, NJ on Mother's Day Weekend.

June 16 and 17 is when the CCC is to hold their 2006 National Conference at the Clarksville, Indiana Holiday Inn. This is considered a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, which in recent years has seen a rag tag group of Klan members attempting to organize that reports say may put together a rally in the near future with the National Socialist Movement. The CCC event had been announced months ago, but it was only recently that the location was published on one of their websites.

The Conference boasts a slate of speakers that are considered conference regulars. CCC member and author Brent Nelson. Col. Robert Slimp, and lawyer Sam Dickson, who once represented Daniel "KKK Guy" Carver from the Howard Stern Wack Pack, will be among those regulars speaking. In addition Minuteman and CCC member Joe McCutchen will also be on hand to speak at the conference.

Co-hosting the event will be actor Sonny Landham, who has appeared in 48 Hrs., Predator, The Warriors and a string of porn films in the seventies. He is a new member of the CCC and has been very active particularly around the issue of immigration.

There are other even more questionable figures scheduled to speak, including Paul Fromm of the Canadian Heritage Alliance, last seen at the Elmwood Park, NJ conference held by National Vanguard. Meanwhile, according to a post on Stormfront its webmaster Don Black may also be there to speak.

Many of the same people who are expected to speak or attend the CCC conference were also at the American Renaissance conference in Herndon, VA back in February. American Renaissance is a white supremacist publication edited by CCC member Jared Taylor, and its conference was held at the Dulles Hyatt. The hotel chain received numerous phone calls of outrage and the hotel itself was met with protests during the conference.

To date there has been no calls to counter this event.

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KYJurisDoctor said...

Thanks for the expose', especially now that Sonny Landham has announced he is running for U. S. Senate in Kentucky!

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