Sunday, May 21, 2006


The Oread Daily says, "Right On," to some anti-fascists who kicked neo-nazi butt in the Czech Republic yesterday.

The following is from České Noviny.

Anti-fascists hurl Molotov bottles at right-wing extremists

Usti nad Labem/Litvinov- A number of anti-fascist activists today attacked right-wing militants in Most, North Bohemia, with Molotov cocktails, but there were no injuries, local police said.

Afterwards, roughly 100 neo-Nazis moved to Litvinov where they staged a march to honour one of their midst, Milos Reho, who was killed in Litvinov several years ago.

The police have arrested 17 people, ten left-wing activists and seven right-wing militants, the commander of the police action told CTK. The police have not yet brought any charges, he added.

The police said that they would elaborate on Sunday.

Eye-witnesses said that anti-fascist activists had hurled some bottles to the police officers' feet.

The extremists met at the railway station in Most. They continued by cars and a bus to Litvinov. They laid a wreath at the place where seriously injured Reho had been found and lit candles.

Reho, 19, was found with serious stab wounds in 1999. He died in a hospital. The police detained the murderer who was sentenced to ten years in prison for bodily harm resulting in death.

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