Monday, May 29, 2006


Eighty one year old David Bland was taken to a local hospital after the incident. He is in fair condition. Bland, who is blind, was the victim of police mayhem.

Officers say they were forced to spray Bland's face with a chemical agent and hit him in the leg with a police baton. Bland was then pushed to the ground and handcuffed.

Others tenants aren't buying that. They say this is a case of police brutality.

"I know Mr. Bland, and he's not a criminal. He's a feisty old man that's not going to just let you do anything to him, but he's not aggressive and he's not a criminal," said fellow tenant Robert Blake.

"You try to stay calm and just handle it the best way you can, but you try to think if this was your father or grandfather, you're almost in tears," said Erika Hollingsworth.

The following is from WREG in Memphis.

81 year old blind man accuses police of brutality

MEMPHIS - 81 year old Davie Bland says he wound up in the hospital because of police brutality. Bland has a broken arm and several bruises. He is recovering at the MED. "What I really would like to know is why did they come and jump on me," says Bland.

A police report shows officers responded to the Memphis Towers Apartment Complex on Court Avenue because of a complaint about loud noise. The report says Bland approached officers in an aggressive manner, they tried to arrest him, but he started punching and scratching. The report says one officer suffered a laceration.

Bland says he thought the officer was a volunteer delivering a meal from MIFA. He says he's blind and could not see who was knocking on his door. Witnesses say the officers forced Bland to the ground, then sprayed him with pepper spray.

A meeting was held at the apartment complex Tuesday where residents expressed anger about the arrest. City leaders were also on hand, promising the Memphis Police Department is aware of the situation and is investigating.

Bland's family members say they have filed a complaint with Memphis Police Internal Affairs Department.

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