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Although the following resolution from the Workers Communist Party of Iran was adopted in February, I have never seen it published anywhere (which doesn't mean it wasn't, just means I didn't see it). Anyway, I am publishing it in full.

The “Nuclear Crisis” of the Islamic Republic and the Western Powers

1- With Iran on the verge of being referred to the UN Security Council, the nuclear crisis of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IR) and the Western powers, has taken a dangerous turn that can sink the Middle East and the world into another horrendous war with catastrophic consequences. This new development calls the working class and people of Iran, as well as people of the region and the world, to follow this crisis with open eyes and keep abreast of the events and by closing their ranks take a clear stance.

2- The escalation of this crisis is the result of the perseverance of both sides of this crisis over their wider reactionary aims. In the wider context, the nuclear crisis is the manifestation of the confrontation between the two poles of world terrorism; the terrorism of the US and its allies and the Islamic terrorism over the redrawing the political and ideological map of the region, helped by the resurgence of the Political Islam and Islamic terrorism in Iraq in the aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq. Under such circumstances, this nuclear crisis has become the battle ground to establish who has the political and ideological upper hand in the region and elsewhere.

3- The US descend into the quagmire created by the invasion of Iraq; the emergence of the political Islam in Iraq and the victory of Hamas in Palestine have enticed the IR to attempt to put up a more strategic challenge against the US and Israel. After two decades of efforts to establish a closer relation with the West, the IR now seeks its survival through confrontation. For the IR return to the Islamic fascism against the West and Israel and its insistence on heightening the nuclear crisis serve as a means for bargaining for a better share for the Political Islam in the region and also a means to expand and intensify the suppression of the escalating workers’ movement and disenchanted masses of people. The IR will not hesitate, to commit any crimes against humanity, in pursuit of extending the influence of the political Islam in the region and the consolidation of its power. This is the reason why this nuclear crisis is so critical. The IR armed with atomic bombs present a real danger for the people of Iran, the region and the world.

4- For the US and its allies, the escalation of the nuclear crisis provides an opportunity to justify their military bullying under the pretext of safeguarding the world against the threat of the IR armed with atomic bombs and also offers a way out of the quagmire that they are in. In these desperate times the camp of the US and its allies and in particular Israel will not refrain from resorting to the use of force and atomic bombs. The logic of the US and its allies, just as in the case of the war against Iraq, is based on a preference for military action rather than attempts to find a political solution, bearing in mind that the condition for confrontation with Iran has, since the invasion of Iraq, worsened for the US.

5- The IR is rigorously pursing acquisition of nuclear weapons. In the face of this reality the US and the West are unable to intervene. Legally, the West can not prevent the IR from acquiring the atomic bomb and lacks practical means to stop them. They can not force the IR to retreat and the IR is unwilling to voluntarily abandon its nuclear programme. In the final analysis the military options will prevail. But the Iraqi experience has shown that the US warmongering will lead to the deterioration of the situation for the people of the region and the world. The IR and the West can not put an end to this impasse.

6- The real solution lies with the people of Iran. Only through the revolutionary overthrow of the IR can the world get rid of the IR armed with atomic bombs. People of Iran do not want the IR to acquire atomic bombs. People of Iran are keen to get rid of the IR. The world, the civilised humanity and the peace loving and progressive people of the world can and should, by putting up a clear and resolute opposition to the warmongering and the dangerous atomic confrontation and by supporting the movement of the Iranian people to overthrow the IR, secure a resolution to this crisis.

7- The framework of a clear and radical policy to end the stand off between the IR and the West is as follows:

a- People of Iran, at the forefront of the people of the region with the support of the progressive people around the world, can and should offer their own independent solution and the final say against both sides of this confrontation.

b- Neutralising the threat of the IR armed with atomic bombs, and putting an end to its misadventures can only come about through its overthrow at the hands of the people of Iran. People of Iran by raising the demand for freedom and equality based on the “Charter for the Overthrow of the IR” must mobilise their forces in places of work, districts and universities and by joining the “Freedom Guards” must take their affairs into their own hands.

c- People of Iran and the world must resolutely oppose the imposition of economic sanction. Sanction will primarily hurt the people of Iran rather than the Islamic regime. The economic sanction will leave damaging consequences on the livelihood of people and will intensify the police and military grip over people’s lives.

d- People of Iran must oppose any threat of military action, albeit localised, against Iran. Military action against Iran will not remove the threat of IR or lead to its overthrow but will rather prolong its life and will lead to the militarization of the society; constricting political environment for the workers and people to carry out their struggle against the IR; Iraqization of Iran and the destruction of the fabrics of the society.

e- With the escalation of the current crisis and on the verge of a military conflict, gangs of the ethnic and federalist groups, political and armed gangsters, fanatic Arian patriots and various Hezbollah thugs will emerge and by inciting reactionary intimidation and creating division amongst people will push the entire society towards a catastrophe and will cause the disintegration of the civil life. Such a scenario must be opposed by a united and consorted effort.

f- It is clear that legally every country should be able to benefit from nuclear energy technology. The interest of the working class and people, in general, rests with the universal nuclear weapons disarmament and the destruction of all weapons of mass destruction. Till such a time there can not be any monopoly over nuclear weapons for certain countries and it is not acceptable that a number of countries have access to nuclear weapons and the rest be deprived. But the current nuclear confrontation is not a legal conflict and should not be viewed as such. This is part and parcel of a wider confrontation between two poles of terrorism. The interest of the people of Iran and the world demands that IR should not acquire nuclear weapons. This can only be achieved through overthrowing the IR.


The danger is very real! We must consciously, openly and actively enter this arena and mobilise our forces against both sides of this dangerous conflict. The resolution of this conflict is in our hands. The solution is the revolutionary overthrow of the IR through our insurrection and uprising. Let us turn our opposition against this nuclear crisis into a decisive struggle to overthrow the IR through our united action.

Worker-communist Party of Iran - Hekmatist

Political Bureau

February 9, 2006

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