Monday, July 29, 2013


Believe it or not, I actually have a friend who once worked for the NSA in a very similar position to that of Ed Snowden.  I was talking to him about Snowden's politics and what I had found.  He comments that there is no way we will ever really know who Snowden is or why he did what he did.  I asked my friend how I knew he is who I think he is.  His reply, with a wry smile, was, "No one knows who I am."

Don't even ask how I am acquainted with this guy.

Anyway, my conclusion is that he is right.  Snowden could be anyone, anything.  Maybe he is a right wing libertarian, maybe he is a closet leftie, maybe he is really just an NSA guy or a geek, maybe he is none of the above.  Who knows.  Who knows why he leaked what he did and who knows if what he leaked is real or leaked for some reason other than we can guess.  Who knows what the government knows.  Who freakin knows?

In any event, one thing I still hold to at this time is that he does not belong in some pantheon of left or progressive heroes.  

I'll let it go at that and return to regular programing right here tomorrow.

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