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So who is Irina Lipskaya?  She is a friend and she is a comrade and she is an anti-nazi fighter and she is brave and she is in jail and she has been there for over a year with no trial.

She is in Russia.

Remember Russia.  Thank god, they cast off the yoke of "communism" and became free...well, not exactly free, well not really free at all, and it really wasn't communism they cast off, but whatever...Mr. Gorbachev bring down that wall...and all that bully rahahahaha.

Russia is sort of a center of the international not just fascist, but out and out nazi movement.  It's odd, since Mr. Putin seems, oh so powerful, and oh so able to get his way, to crack down on whoever he wants, yet these nazis just keep being there.

What's up with that?

You may write to Irina using this address:
Irina Antonovna Lipskaya, k. 308
SIZO-6 "Pechatniki"
ul. Shosseynaya 92
109383 Moscow Russia
But note that letters in English are seldom accepted in Russian prisons, so if you do not have the chance to write in Russian (i.e. by using simply phrases and translating them via the google translation program) just send photos and postcards.

The following is from Denver Anarchist Black Cross.

Irina Lipskaya, Imprisoned Anarchist and Anti-Fascist in Moscow, Needs Support!

Irina Lipskaya
Irina Lipskaya

Irina was arrested on the 2nd of July 2012.  She has been on the inside for a little over a year, awaiting a trial.  Her incarceration is prolonged due to dubious claims by her alleged “victims” that they still have not acquainted themselves with the results of the investigation.  However, according to sources within Moscow doing support for Irina and other anti-fascist and anarchist allies (Alexy SutugaIgor Kharchenko, and others) clear evidence of their guilt still has not been presented.

On July 4th, 2012, the Presnenski district court of Moscow’s judge Dmitry Dolgopolov, fulfilled a police request to imprison two of six anti-fascists who were remanded on the second of July, not far from club “Barrikada” (see story here).  23 year old Irina Lipskaya and 19 year old Andrey Molchanov, were picked up on suspicion of having violated statute of Russian criminal codex 213 part 2 (hooliganism, committed with a group of people).

According to police reports, anarchists and anti-fascists attacked guests of a Nazi concert with rubber bullets and flares.

Irina and Andrey’s story is different. According to them six anti-fascists were traveling by Zvenigorskoye highway in Moscow. They stopped their car near the club to have a smoke. Guests of the fascist concert attacked their car with rubber bullets.  Anti-fascists jumped into their car and attempted to drive away, but were arrested after few seconds by SOBR special forces of the police.

They were beaten both during their arrest and inside of the Presnenski district police station. The “victims” that the police took statements from were the same fascist nationalists from the club, who were more than happy to imprison our anarchist allies.  It is clear that despite any actual evidence of their involvement, Irina and Andrey are being held because of their anti-fascist beliefs.

It is obvious, that this is a political case against anti-fascists. As SOBR special forces were on the spot, anti-fascists were under police surveillance prior to arrest.  This is not the only political case against anti-fascists in Moscow – besides Irina and Andrey, three more anti-fascists are currently detained in Moscow – Alexey Sutuga, Alexey Olesinov and Igor Kharchenko.

She has been charged with three felonies, including “hooliganism, committed by a group and with a preliminary intent” and “involving minors to a felony hate crime”.

Irina was arrested just few days after her graduation from the Journalist Faculty of the Moscow State University. She needs a medical care for her hand, as she was stabbed by Nazis during a fight in 1st of May of 2011, but while in prison she may not receive proper medical care.

During the remand court session of 27th of June, Irina was strong and showed that system is not about to crush her.  According to Moscow ABC, she is also not in a need of material support. However, moral support is necessary, a full year of prison is hard for anyone especially because during the investigation she has been betrayed by some of her former comrades.

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