Sunday, July 28, 2013


Because my post on Ed Snowden raised such a howl in certain quarters, I am going to copy a few of my responses to those attacks on me in Facebook.  They often will refer to specific comments, but you will get the drift and I hope this further defines my position and why I posted what I'd did.


FROM ME:  The linked articles are for information purposes,only.  As I,have said I don't buy all the opinions expressed in them, just the facts in them...most importantly Snowden's own words.  That is why I linked them.  I encourage anyone to do the research themselves.  One last comment for the hundredth times.  I support completely the deed, I do not support completely Snowden himself.  Finally, I am not out to get Snowden obviously.  The fact that he is a small time right wing libertarian doesnt really matter much to me as far as him personally.  What I am trying to point out is that the left has no reason to canonize him personally (because they have not made the effort to bother with an understanding of his politics).  By doing so in an uncritical way, the left fails to distinguishing between what is progressive and what is reactionary.  This in turn only helps to further the cause of those like Ron Paul, and worse, who may be anti state, or may oppose this or that war, or may support the legalization of marijuana but who also just happen be right wing.  This sows confusion within our ranks and amongst those we are trying to reach.  It is as simple as that.  This is not really about Snowden, it is about "us."  It is the same situation as those who were themselves progressive in the Occupy movement while embracing Paul and his ilk ( who just so happen to be a pack of right wing racist, Jew hating, capitalists, conspiracy theorists and more).  This is the same as those who mistakenly allowed the anti globalization movement to be infiltrated by the likes of Pat Buchananites, and worse because these reactionaries and racists happened, for their own reasons, to oppose globalization.  We do not ally with reactionaries, white supremacists, nazis or even right wing libertarians.  Again, the issue is not Snowden personally, it is the political orientation he represents.  Should he change, hey, more power to him.  It is not difficult to support the deed without supporting his politics. I do not support the government persecution of Snowden.  I obviously believe the violations of civil liberties by not merely Obama ( as  Snowden and some here would have you believe), but by the State...this did not just start.  it has been going on for long, long time.  I, in no way defend Obama or the State.  To imply such is a lie and a red herring.  I oppose Empire and global capital, white supremacy, white skin privilige, patriarchy in all it's manifestation, and have been actively doing so for nearly five decades now. My blog Scission is very clear.  i am an autonomous Marxist and a communist with a little c.  i am anti vanguard party and support the self organization and self emancipation of the working class and the multitudes.  i am a consistent opponent of white skin privilige which I view as a crucial prop holdong up capitalism and the US state.  I have served prison time for my political beliefs and deeds (if you want to know more about my beliefs feel free to bother with my Facebook info).  I hope this clears things up, Ellen.  I suppose I was not clear enough to begin with.  Maybe because I have been making the case for decades now that it important for "us" to understand these things, to distinguish between friends and foes, between progressives and reactionaries, between left wing revolutionaries and right wing revolutionaries, and to weed all the reactionaries like the Paulists, the anarcho-capitalists, white nationalists etc, who can sound like they are one of us on some issue, but certainly are not, and who attract vulnerable good folks with some part of their message.  Okay, is that clear.

FROM ME:  My belief is that there are two reasons which are really one as to why he released the documents.  He is a libertarian, be it a right wing one, and libertarians are opposed to government imtrusion into our lives...and do support some civil liberties ( of courser, amongst the civil liberties they support is the "liberty" to be, for example, a racist). Also, I think that it was only when Snowden realized even people like him, a nice priviliges white man and reactionary libertarian were amongst those being snooped on, he became outraged. Notice his comments that he would have shot previous leakers in the balls...notice that although the State has been spying on leftists, Black liberation supporters, civil rights leaders, Muslims, etc for a long time, and that the Patriot act was passed more than a decade ago, he has never said a word before and gone quietly about his work...doing just that apparently. However, as they say "when the State came for him", so to speak, he gets some backbone and does his deed. I am glad he did, but I am not fooled as to why he did. Whew,,,I can blather on...sorry...

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