Friday, January 28, 2011


As I listened just now to the old dictator of Egypt speaking I made some notes.  I'll share them with you.

The dictator Mubarak is now speaking. He is so sorry for the deaths and injuries. BULLSHIT!

Mubarak still talking says he is working for the people and freedom of opinion. Miserable creep. He says there is a thin line between freedom and chaos, uh huh. He says there will be no democracy " if we allow chaos.". Who is this joker. Gee, he wants everyone to have jobs and he is absolutely on the side of freedom for each person...and he also has a bridge for sale.

And still the dictator babbled on. He is on the side of the pole...the top side? He is against fires, I bet,...sorry hosni, the people ain't buying what you have to sell...this guy is blind.

The pig takes responsibility...for security and stability. He asks the government, not him, to resign today. Ain't gonna do it old man. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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