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Is there even the slightest possibility that the octogenarian Egyptian Pharaoh could be on the way out.  Well, that is asking quite a bit, but, the Hosni Mubarak must be shankin' a bit in his boots.  As in Tunisia, so in Egypt, the question is how deep a revolution (or uprising) can be expected.  We wait and wonder what follows the collapse of such regimes as these.  I'm not sitting around wishing for one, two, many Islamic Republics.  I want to see a socialist republic (at a minimum).  But then I'm not in the streets getting shot at.

The first story below is from al-bab.com (The blog) and the second is from AhramOnline.

Kifaya – "Enough!" One man and the riot police in Cairo today

Well, who would have believed it? Today's protests in Egypt far exceeded my own expectations and, no doubt, the expectations of the organisers and the Egyptian authorities. The Mubarak regime, even if it's not headed for oblivion just yet, must surely be shaken to the core.
For blow-by-blow accounts of the events as they unfolded, seeAhramOnlineEnduring America and the Guardian.
I wrote this morning that today would be the first real test of the "Tunisia effect" – and we can now safely assume that it does exist. Without Tunisia, the protests in Egypt would have had nothing like the support they got. Today, someone coined the word "Tunisami" (Tunis + tsunami) and there were chants of "Ya Mubarak, Ya Mubarak, al-Saudia fi intizaarak" – Mubarak, Mubarak, Saudi Arabia (the retirement home for ex-dictators) is waiting for you.
I also suggested this morning that today would be a test of the "new" Arab politics (largely informal and organised online) against the old, institutional, opposition politics. Case proven. The new politics has shown itself to be viable.
Maybe I should add, too, that it was a test of the new media versus the old media. Again, case proven. The old media – even al-Jazeera – looked slow on their feet and too preoccupied with the less important game of musical chairs in Lebanon.
As for the new media, this morning, Wael Abbas, the most famous Egyptian blogger, was out and about in Cairo, with a live webcam mounted in a car. The independent newspaper, al-Masry al-Youm, was also streaming live video from the streets. Twitter (hashtag #jan25) went into overdrive. Citizen journalists were everywhere – someone counted seven of them recording the scene on their mobile phones at just one location during a single 21-second film clip.
Late this afternoon there were signs that some kind of internet crackdown had begun, with reports that Twitter had been blocked. At present, though, it's not entirely clear what is going in that area.
The protests themselves started off peacefully, though the tear gas, plastic bullets (and possibly live bullets too) came later. The security forces were out in strength and thought they had planned well. But in Cairo they were wrong-footed by the protesters who had announced their own plans but then changed them at the last minute. By staging multiple demonstrations in different places they also seem to have kept the security forces on the hop.
In fact, for much of the day the security forces don't seem to have behaved with quite the gusto that Mubarak might have expected of them. There were reports of demonstrators being allowed through police lines in some cases, and of demonstrators fraternising with the police. One woman was photographed giving them roses.
At present, no one can say with any certainty where all this will lead. But I suspect today's events will leave the protesters feeling emboldened rather than intimidated. 

Live updates: Opposition groups protest on Police Day
Ahram Online will be posting updates about planned protests by opposition activists in Cairo and elsewhere
Ahram Online , Tuesday 25 Jan 2011

9:30 AM Central Security Forces trucks are deployed in front of the High Court, in downtown Cairo.
9:55 AM Cairo’s streets in Ramses and downtown are almost empty of people, but there is strong police presence. Central Security Forces are parked in side streets, with police vans.
10:03 AM Sheikh Rihan Street, where the interior ministry is located, is closed from Abdeen to Tahrir.
10:40 AM The US and Canadian embassies have asked their citizens in Cairo to avoid expected protest scenes.
11:00 AM Strong security presence in Mansoura, according to eyewitnesses, with police deploying armored vehichles, around the stadium.
11:30 AM Police is taking away IDs of journalists in Mahalla. Security cordons Mahalla fearing workers’ protests.
11:42 AM Reports of hundreds protesting in Dar El Salam, south of Cairo, chanting for "bread and freedom."
11:43 AM Protest in front of Cairo University is canceled. Professors instead will take part in the demo scheduled in front of the High Court.
11:55 AM Minimal security presence at Alexandria's Manshiya Square, according to Ahram Online reporter.
11:57 AM Central Security Forces and fire trucks deployed in front of Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque in Mohandessin, anticipating protests in Game'at El Dowal El Arabiya Street.
12:06 PM Security forces close down the headquarters of the El Ghad Party in Talaat Harb Square, according to Ayman Nour.
12:07 PM Around 300 protesters are now demonstrating south of Rafah, chanting against the emergency law, and calling for the release of the detainees, according to a phone interview with one of the participants.
12:10 PM Security forces, set up barriers in the streets adjacent to the press syndicate, lawyers syndicate and the general attorney building.
12:19 PM Police officers and informers deployed in front of the Center for Socialist Studies in Giza.
12:21 PM Youth are marching in Maadi, south of Cairo, chanting: "Our blood, Our souls, We'll sacrifice for you our country."
12:24 PM No protests reported in downtown Cairo yet.
12:26 PM Central Security Forces trucks are moving to Moharram Bek area in Alexandria, says Ahram Online reporter.
12:32 PM Ahram Online reporter in Alexandria deny reports of protests in Moharram Bek, but says security presence is strong at Rassafa Square.
12:39 PM Police suspends Dar el-Salam protest. No one was detained, according to rights lawyer Gamal Eid.
12: 40 PM A Mahalla activist tells Ahram Online that police set up three check points on the entrance of town. The Egyptian Center for Social and Economic Rights also reports the arrest of a number of Tanta activists on their way to Mahalla.
12:44 PM Police crack down on anti-government protesters in Assuit, says rights lawyer Gamal Eid.
12:53 PM Police is searching passengers at the underground metro stations of Matariya, Isaaf and Tahrir in Cairo.
12:57 PM More than 100 protesters have started a demonstration in front of the lawyers syndicate in Ramses St.
1:02 PM Protests are reported in Masr El Qadeema.
1:06 PM Protesters in front of the lawyers syndicate are chanting against the interior minister. Meanwhile in Ismailiya police has deployed riot trucks in Thalatheni St where protests are planned.
1:12 PM Ahram Online reporter witnesses a march by at least 2000 protesters heading from 26 July street to Galaa street in downtown Cairo.
1:16 PM More than 1000 protesters have reached Abdel Moneim Riyadh Sq in downtown Cairo. Ramses Street is shut down by the police. Police also ban entry to Lazoughli square, neighboring the interior ministry.
1:20 PM A number of activists were arrested at Cilantro coffeeshop in Mohandessin, before they head out for a protest.
1:44 PM Protests continue in downtown Cairo. Few incidents of stone throwing took place, according to Ahram Online reporter at the scene. Police so far restrained. Demonstrators are chanting against the president.
1:45 PM Hundreds demonstrate in Mohandessin in front of Mostafa Mahmoud Square. Demonstrations have also broken out in Bulaq.
1:50 PM At least 25 activist detained in Assuit and Tanta, according to the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights. Meanwhile, downtown Cairo protesters are now moving now along the Nile corniche, chanting slogans against the president.
1:53 PM Hundreds are now demonstrating in front of the ruling National Democratic Party headquarters on the Nile corniche.
1:55 PM Former MP Hamdeen Sabahi, head of Karama Party, leads a protest in Port Said Square in Balteem, Kafr El Sheikh
1:58 PM Heavy security presence continue in El-Mahatta Sq in Alexandria, according to an eyewitness.
2:06 PM Protests have started in Shubra.
2:07 PM Protests have broken out in Alexandria, in Asafra district. Demonstrators are carrying Egyptian flags and chanting against the emergency law, says Ahram Online reporter.
2:11 PM Marchers have reached the Foreign Ministry on the Nile cornich, while protesters in Shubra have started marching in the streets chanting against the president, according to eyewitnesses.
2:14 PM Ahram Online reporter in downtown Cairo confirms thousands of protesters have taken over the corniche, chanting "Tunis!" The march is now heading to 15 May bridge.
2:17 PM Hundreds of protesters are marching in Mansoura, waving the Egyptian flags and banners calling for reform.
2:27 PM Protests have broken out in Aswan. Police send in armored vehicles, according to eyewitnesses. No clashes reported yet. In Mansoura, protesters march on the town's security directorate building.
2:31 PM Marchers in downtown Cairo are going through Wekalet El Balah area. Another protest has reportedly broken out in Meit Uqba, Giza. Demonstrators in Mansoura are trying to besiege the town's security directorate.
2:40 PM The independent Dostor website, which has been covering the protests, is down. Only visitors outside Egypt can view it. The livestreaming service, Bambuser.com, has been blocked by the government, according to human rights and activist sources.
2:49 PM Clashes are taking place between protesters and the Central Security Forces near the High Court, according to Ahram Online reporter at the scene, who confirmed now that bystanders have joined the protests.
2:52 PM Ramses street has been completely shut down by the police. Meanwhile, in Mahalla, a protest march is heading to the Shawn Square.
3:00 PM Sinai protesters have shut down the road to the airport used by the Multinational Force Observers. According to one of the protesters interviewed by Ahram Online they are now 150 meters away from the airport.
3:08 PM Protesters in downtown Cairo are marching towards Ataba Square. Emad Eddin street is shut down by the Central Security Forces, according to an Ahram Online reporter. Their counterparts in Mansoura are marching on State Security Police headquarters.
3:12 PM An Ahram Online reporter is saying brigades of Central Security Forces are running from Ramses in the direction of Lazoughli Square, where the interior ministry is located. Bloggers are reporting there is a protest moving towards that area.
3:17 PM Ordinary citizens in Shubra join the marches, says Ahram Online reporter.
3:23 PM More than 1000 protesters are demonstrating in Mahalla's Shawn Square. In Giza, thousands are now marching from Dokki to Tahrir Square. An Ahram Online reporter has spotted at least 12 armored vehichles speeding from Ramses Square heading towards Abdeen Square.
3:30 PM Thousands in Ataba are chanting against the interior minister and the president. Security has deployed soldiers and armored vehicles in front of the TV building on Nile Corniche. Police has started cracking down on marchers in Shubra.
3:32 PM Clashes ended in Shubra. Hamdeen Sabahy denies reports of his arrest in Balteem.
3:35 PM An Ahram Online reporter says protests are swelling near 26 July Street in downtown Cairo, calling for social justice, denouncing the government.
3:38 PM Police use water cannons against protesters in downtown Cairo, says Ahram Online.
3:40 PM Protesters in Shubra are trying to head to Tahrir Square, says Ahram Online reporter. Protesters in downtown Cairo climb firetruck and destroy water cannon.
3:44 PM The Dokki protesters have arrived in Tahrir, says Ahram Online reporter.
3:48 PM Police set up barricades in Shubra, banning protesters from marching on Tahrir Square.
3:51 PM Sinai demonstrators continue their sit in, blocking the airport road. Thousands are reportedly protesting in Zagazig and Suez.
3:53 PM Police arrest a number of demonstrators in Shubra, says Ahram Online reporter in the area. Another reporter in downtown Cairo says hundreds are moving towards Abdeen Palace, chanting against the president.
3:56 PM State Security Police agents are attacking Shubra protesters with sticks, says Ahram Online reporter.
3:58 PM Police clash with protesters in Bab El Khalq, says Ahram Online reporter.
4:00 PM Several activists arrested in Shubra, including prominent leftist Kamal Khalil, says Ahram Online reporter.
4:03 PM Tear gas is fired at protesters in Tahrir Square.
4:06 PM Thousands of protesters move from Abdeen Square heading to parliament, chanting "We want a free government."
4:13 PM Thousands of ordinary citizens join anti-government protesters in Mahalla. They are chanting, calling for a revolution in the Shawn Square. In Cairo's Tahrir Square, protesters have attacked a police armored vehichle that was firing tear gas canisters, says Ahram Online reporter. Another reporter confirms more clashes taking place in Sayyeda Zeinab.
4:19 PM More protests in Mahalla break out in Mahgoub Square. Some factory workers from Ghazl el-Mahalla join the protest. In Shubra, prominent leftist Mohamed Waked has been detained. In Tahrir Square, more than 20 protesters arrested.
4:20 PM An Ahram Online reporter describes the area in front of the Mogamaa Tahrir as a "war zone" with protesters throwing rocks at the police, amid water cannons and tear gas.
4:31 PM Protesters topple and roll over a police kiosk in Qasr El Aini Street. Stone throwing battles continue.
4:41 PM Twitter service is down in Egypt.
4:55 PM Clashes continue around the parliament, says Ahram Online reporter.
5:06 PM Violence has stopped for now, according to Ahram Online reporter in Tahrir Square. In Alexandria, protesters have exceeded 20,000 today.
5:18 PM A new round of arrests by the police in the parliament area in downtown Cairo. Protesters are throwing rocks.
5:25 PM Several protesters have been injured near Tahrir, as demonstrators try to storm the parliament, says Ahram Online reporter.
5:45 PM Concerted wave after wave of tear gas fired at and into protesters on Tahrir Square as Central Security in riot gear charge them away from Parliament.
6:00 PM Crowds regroup to maintain occupation of Tahrir Square as a heavy presence of Central Security Forces cordon off Qasr El-Aini Street.
7:10 PM Central Security Forces ring protesters outside the High Court on Ramses Street.
7:46 PM Police fire tear gas at protesters in Sidi Gaber, Alexandria.
8:05 PM An uneasy calm prevails in Tahrir Square as both security forces and tens of thousands of protesters hold their positions. Ahram Online reporter says that protesters are now sitting down in the square discussing whether or not to continue the protest through the night. 
9:00 PM Protesters had dispersed in front of the High Court on Ramses Street
9:30 PM  According to medical sources, two protesters are dead in Suez, and according to Police sources one Central Security Forces soldier is dead in clashes in  Cairo.
9: 35 PM Clashes between Police and protesters in Alexandria. Corniche Road opened.
10:00 PM Protesters in Tahrir square set up a local radio station.

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