Tuesday, February 23, 2010


At the gathering of Latin American Presidents going on right now, not everyone is playing nice. Some Presidents just don't get along as President Chavez told president Uribe to "F..k off." Fortunately, for all concerned President Raul Castro came along and...

The following is from Momento 24.

Fighting between presidents at Latin American Unity summit

Felipe Calderón, Mexico's president, said: "There is consensus to strengthen hemispheric unity with the creation of a new institution without the United States and Canada."

The news was announced at the Unit for Latin America and Caribbean Summit held in Cancun and where 25 presidents were present. Furthermore, the Rio Group meeting was also held in the same place.

"Most of the continent nations are integrated to realize the new mechanism parallel to the Organization of American States (OAS)." Claderon said.

He added: "With nuances, there is a willingness to arrive at a unity agreement between Latin America and the Caribbean, and we propose the transition to this mechanism".

At the moment the organism name is not defined and it would begin operating in July 2011 with the new meeting of the Unity Summit in Caracas, Venezuela.

But this good news was overshadowed by an exchange of words between the presidents of Colombia and Venezuela, where bilateral ties are affected.

It was during the lunch hosted by the Mexican government, and where it was not allowed the media presence.

Colombian president Uribe said to Chavez: "Be a man and stay to discuss face to face, you just insulted in the distance," a news agency reported.

Chavez' answer was: "F… off", assistances said.

Cuban president Raúl Castro intervened to end the discussion that had risen in pitch.

Chavez threatened to leave the summit after discussion with Uribe.

Calderon said a while after that "both countries agreed to conduct the differences with friendly dialogue. And It was decided that a group of friends help to Venezuela and Colombia to resolve their differences.

The countries that comprise it as the Mexican president are: Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Other issues discussed at the summit were, "The emergency in Haiti and the political situation in Honduras'.

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