Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay, I admit it. I don't know John Mayer from Adam, but anybody who uses the N word in an interview is not all right with me. Bigoted, ignorant remarks just don't pop out of nowhere. I love when people make some racist remark and then say, " I misspoke," or some such nonsense. If it comes out of the mouth, it is in the brain somewhere.

X-ray of John Mayer with foot in mouth

The following is from Neon Limelight.

Protesters Greet John Mayer At Washington DC Concert

John Mayer got a healthy dose of the real world when he rolled into Washington, DC for a concert on his Battle Studies tour Saturday (February 20). It’s the real world that says despite an almost-immediate apology on Twitter and a tearful on-stage plea for forgiveness for dropping a racial slur and being a down-right jerk regarding his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, not everyone will forgive and forget. In fact, some will even protest about it.

Before entering the Verizon Center for the show, fans were immediately greeted by the bullhorn sound of protesters condemning Mayer for his off-color remarks in Playboy magazine, witnessed firsthand.

“John Mayer should not get a free pass to come to the District of Columbia for his racist and bigoted and sexist comments,” an African-American protester said. “He needs to be in jail.”

The scathing speech didn’t just assault Mayer’s character, but came with a suggestion to anyone attending the show. “Don’t you go in there and applaud this man…Real music fans should not support John Mayer.”

Many stopped to listen to the protest, but it did very little to turn any fans away from the concert. Inside, though, it did spark a few racially-charged conversations, like one we overheard at a concession stand that compared Mayer’s comments to the loose-lipped hiccups of Kanye West. “You can’t excuse Kanye and stay mad at John Mayer,” an African-American woman behind the counter said in defense of Mayer. “Well, I hate Kanye for what he did,” a man replied.

Mayer made no mention of the protest during his two-hour long set, which included performances of his biggest hits “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” “Waiting On The World To Change,” and “Bigger Than My Body.”

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