Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So there is this African-American teenager who is stopping by to visit his grandmother. The police see him and think he looks suspicious and figure he must have a gun. So the pride of Pittsburg decide its time to protect and serve. They arrest the kid and beat him up...and lots of people on line think it's cool.

The following is from WTAE (Pittsburgh).

The attorney for a Pittsburgh CAPA student who claims three city police officers beat him during his arrest said the teen has passed an FBI lie detector test."Jordan knew he had the truth on his side, he knew he was telling the truth and he wanted everyone else to know that he was telling the truth," said mother Terez Miles.
Jordan Miles
Kerrington Lewis, the attorney for 18-year-old Jordan Miles, said Miles was given the two-hour test on Monday.

Slideshow: Pittsburgh Student Claims Police Brutality; Shows Hospital Photos To Channel 4"

I asked him, I said, 'Could you please explain it to me again?' Every time he explained it, the story never changed, so I had no doubt that he would pass that polygraph," said Terez Miles.The FBI is investigating Miles' civil rights allegations. Miles claims the officers beat him on Jan. 12 when he was walking to his grandmother's house.Police said they thought Miles had a weapon and was acting suspiciously. The black teenager contends the white officers attacked him because they assumed he was a troublemaker because of his race.

Terez Miles with Channel 4 Action News anchor Andrew Stockey
Terez Miles said the story has earned just as many detractors as supporters."I checked online once, but I can't look online anymore. The ugliness is just out there -- racists, people that side with police officers no matter what," said Terez Miles.Miles' family is planning to file a lawsuit against the three officers, hoping his success with the polygraph test will aid in that endeavor."I know they are not perfect -- they are not 100 percent perfect -- but I think it goes a long way towards helping people understand what really happened that night," said Terez Miles.Miles is charged with assault, but Lewis said Miles is the victim. The officers have been suspended.

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