Thursday, January 21, 2010


The revolution in Iran is also a women's revolution. Women are playing a key role in attempts to cast off the feudal regime of the Islamic Republic. Gender slavery is not something that can be overlooked or defended by some weird post modern approach to culture. Women are not to be sacrificed to religious, political or economic ideology. Chairman Mao used to say, "Women hold up half the sky." I'd say we'd all be better off if they actually held up a bit more. Men have done a real bang up job over the years.

The following is from the Worker-Communist Party of Iran.

International solidarity with the "women's revolution" in Iran!

To women’s rights and human rights organizations and progressive people around the world!

At the forefront of the revolution of the people of Iran for liberation from despotism and religious reaction are women who are fighting to break the chains of gender slavery. This revolution and the role of women in it are political events of utmost importance, which have stirred great enthusiasm around the world. They deserve your wholehearted support!

A total gender apartheid rules in Iran. The atrocities committed against women by the Islamic regime are beyond description. Under the laws of the Islamic Republic, sex with underage girls is perfectly legal, while sex outside marriage is punishable by death by means of stoning; in Iranian prisons women are raped and executed… No wonder women are bravely fighting at the forefront of the revolution to put an end to this regime.

The revolution of the people of Iran deserves your enthusiastic support. We call on you to turn 8 March 2010 into a day of solidarity with the revolution in Iran; into a day of remembering Neda and all those who have lost their lives in the struggle for freedom, for getting rid of one of the most murderous regimes of contemporary history. We call on you to take part, wherever you are, in actions in support of the revolution in Iran, be the initiators of such actions yourselves, and in symbolic gestures burn the Islamic veil, this symbol of gender apartheid and women’s slavery. Shout out that the Islamic Republic as the most murderous and misogynist regime in the world must go!

Long live 8 March!
Long live international solidarity with women in Iran!

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Organization Abroad
January 2010

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