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One of six anarchists being held in a Belgrade prison has been brutalized in his cell by "fellow inmates" who were attempting to force him to get money from his family and give it to them. Although Tadej Kurepa was not present at the alleged scene of a bombing in which no one was hurt, he has been held in detention for... five months without trial. In fact, damages at the site of the Greek embassy in Belgrade as a result of the firebombing amounted to less than 18 euros.

The following is from OneWorldSee and the translation is a little less then perfect.

Anarchist Mistreated in Detainment

The Group for Monitoring of Process against Six Anarchists strongly condemned the physical violence that the anarchists accused for terrorism suffer in the prolonged detention, after Tadej Kurepa (25), one of the six, was mistreated and blackmailed by his cell-mates in the Belgrade Central Prison Unit.

At the end of December 2009, Kurepa’s lawyer Nikola Barović found his client all bruised in the face. Earlier that month, several inmates from Kurepa's cell used physical violence to coerce Kurepa to tell his mother to give 2,000 Euro to their "mates outside". After Barović intervened, Kurepa was transferred to another cell.

Kurepa was arrested, together with Ivan Vulović (24), Sanja Dojkić (19), Ivan Savić (25), Ratibor Trivunac (28) and Nikola Mitrović (29), for his role in the incident when two "Molotov coctails" were thrown at the Greek Embassy in Belgrade, August 24-25, 2009. Kurepa is the second charged in the process for international terrorism, in spite of the fact that the prosecution itself noted he was not present during the incident.

The "Campaign Against Political Repression”, coordinated by activists of left-wing organisations, comments that Kurepa was second-charged in the process, although he wasn’t present during the ‘terrorist attack’ in which there were no injured or casualties and the total material damages were estimated at 18 Euro. The Campaign protests the fact that Kurepa was held in detention for five months, denying him the right to defend himself from freedom. As they say, “it was likely to prevent him from repeating the action for which he was charged ‘communication with mobile phone and SMS’”.

The Group for Monitoring of the Process organized a signing of a declaration, supported by dozens of public figures, which states that the process against the Belgrade Six is political and demands dismissal of charges for international terrorism. On January 3, the Group held a protest in front of the Ministry of Justice and the Central Prison Unit, and new protests are announced.

The Group that gathers individuals from a variety of antiauthoritarian, left-wing and student organizations aims to present regular information on the political process to the public and to get the accusations for international terrorism dismissed. (Source: Građanske inicijative)

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