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Violence by French police against youth has turned into violence from French yough against police. The rebellion began after a march in homage to the death of Malek Sauouchi who died while trying to flee on a motor scooter which the police allege was stolen. Two other young people were seriously injured. Many youth ...believe the accident was intentionally caused by police who one young person said, "...behave like cowboys...provoke us and harass us constantly." The mother of they youth who died said, "I do not know exactly what happened, but it is necessary that these chases end. Jusqu'où ça va aller ?» How far will it go? "

The following is from EuroNews.

French Youths Riot After Scooter Rider Dies

Un gendarme monte la garde, à Woippy, à la suite d'affrontements entre manifestants et forces de l'ordre survenus après une manifestation en hommage aux trois victimes d'un accident de scooter.

France 24 Photo

Social tensions have erupted in France, amid anger at the death of a teenager killed as he tried to flee police on a stolen scooter.

Cars, trucks and a bus were set on fire while phone booths and windows were smashed during clashes on the streets of Woippy near the north-eastern city of Metz.

Attacked with Molotov cocktails and stones, riot officers responded with tear gas.

The unrest was triggered by events the previous night when police tried to stop the stolen scooter.

The vehicle, with no lights on, was carrying three youths, none of whom were wearing helmets. It crashed, seriously injuring two of them and killing a third.

A peaceful demonstration paying tribute to 19-year-old Malek Saouchi was followed by the disturbances.

Three police officers initially taken into custody for the purposes of the enquiry have now been allowed home.

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