Wednesday, December 30, 2009

INTERPOL in Bed with the Killer Regime in Iran

This report is two weeks old, but I was unfamiliar with the cooperation being provided by INTERPOL to the repressive regime in Iran.

The following is from the Workers Communist Party of Iran.

Warning! The Terrorist Islamic Republic Conspires Against Opposition Forces!

The Islamic Republic of Iran has embarked on a new round of terror against its opponents outside Iran. The Islamic Republic has recently lodged warrants with the INTERPOL for the arrest of a number of prominent and well respected opposition political leaders and activists accusing them of being involved in terrorist activities and organised crime. The INTERPOL has irresponsibly published the photos and details of these activists under its list of wanted people.

The INTERPOL has to date published the details of the following people: Asad Golchini; Ali Abdaly, Rasool Bnavnd; Rahmat Fatehi, Abdullah Darabi, Khaled Haj Mohammadi, Rahman Hosseinzadeh, Koorosh Modaressi, Mozaffar Mohammadi, Tofiq Pir-Khezri, Saleh Sardari and Salam Ziji, These people are all members or sympathisers of the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist and veteran political activists and political leaders within the opposition movement in Iran.

The Islamic Republic authorities who have requested the arrest of these people are all guilty of mass killings in Iran and are currently being prosecuted in a number of courts in Europe and America for the murder and assassination of Gholam Keshavarz, Sedigh Kamangar, Abdulrahman Qasemlu, Sadegh Sharafkandi, Shapur Bakhtiar, Abdul Rahman Broomand, Fereydoun Farrokhzad, as well as bombings in France and Argentina. Responding to the request of a state notorious for its criminal and murderous behaviour is a shameful act on the part of the INTERPOL.

These days, thanks to greater political opposition to the Islamic Republic outside Iran and the awareness and defiance of the Iranian people, the regime is unable to dispatch its teams of terrorists to hunt the opposition activists. The INTERPOL has now been called upon to assist the Islamic Republic and hunt these activists and carry out the surveillance and supply the Islamic Republic with intelligence and if possible to capture and hand them over. Underestimating this collusion and the viciousness of the Islamic Republic will be a fatal mistake.

This action of the INTERPOL has already put the lives of theses people and the entire opposition forces in jeopardy. The INTERPOL's action has also led to an increase in level of intimidation and fear amongst the Iranian political activists. The INTERPOL is playing into the hands of the Islamic Republic in restricting the activities of the exiled Iranian political activists. The INTERPOL, intentionally or otherwise, is assisting the Islamic Republic with its terrorist activities outside of Iran

The Islamic Republic will not be content with the current list of its opponents. If this conspiracy is not thwarted the list of names will undoubtedly grow longer and extended to all political opposition activists.

If today the most respected and popular political activists and the victims of the Islamic Republic's terror are accused of terrorism and organised crime; if the jailed president of Tehran Bus Driver's Syndicate- Mr Mansoor Ossanloo, is accused of possessing illegal weapon and US dollar, we should be expecting more outrageous fabricated accusations levelled against other opponents of the regime.

If the Islamic Republic is left unchallenged, the opposition activists will have to endure fear and indignity at the hands of the one of the most murderous regimes in the contemporary history of humanity. The only way to foil this conspiracy is to tackle it head on.

The Hekmatist Party strongly condemns the INTERPOL for issuing arrest warrants for the opponents of the Islamic Republic. We demand that the INTERPOL withdraws these warrants. We will hold the INTERPOL and the police forces of its member states responsible for any harm inflicted on the Iranian opposition forces. We also hold INTERPOL responsible for the increased political oppression inside Iran as a result of its co-operation with the Islamic Republic.

We would like to declare that we are able to defend ourselves against the Islamic Republic ad its co-conspirators. We shall make them regret their action. We shall also fight this battle in courts of law in different countries across Europe and America. Furthermore we shall mobilise the widest possible number of Iranian opposition forces, groups and individuals as well as international institutions, trade unions, political ad cultural organisations and personalities and the public opinion against the Islamic Republic and the INTERPOL. We shall forge widest possible co-operation and counter the state terrorism of the Islamic Republic through our united and consorted efforts.

We, members of the Hekmatist Party, in the company of those appalled by this decision of the INTERPOL, will present ourselves to the INTERPOL and will force them to disregard the Iranian authorities request and thwart this conspiracy.

We call on all concerned political parties, institutions and progressive individuals to join this campaign in any way deemed appropriate. We shall, in due course, inform the public of any new developments and provide further information in this regard.

Worker-communist Party of Iran-Hekmatist

December 15, 2009

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