Thursday, December 31, 2009

Free Carrie

Carrie Feldman remains behind bars for refusing to give in to a crazed prosecutor and a repressive grand jury in Davenport, Iowa immersed in a witch hunt apparently aimed at anyone who has anything to do with animal rights activism.

The following is from Support Carrie and Scott.

Carrie to remain jailed pending appeal

As mentioned previously, an appeal of Judge Jarvey's ruling denying Carrie's release has been filed. The initial schedule would have taken more than 30 days, and so Carrie's attorneys filed a petition for her release pending the appeal. In response, it was merely rescheduled to be wrapped up within 30 days, and so Carrie will remain in custody at least until this is resolved. We have been informed that everything in her case now is sealed, and so do not have written motions to share. However, we will continue to update as things happen.

Please continue to write her, send her books, and to fundraise for her and Scott's defense fund. Info on all of those and more is available on our "What You Can Do" page.

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