Thursday, January 12, 2006


Where do they find these people?

The American Family Association (AFA), along with 41 other organizations is all hot and bothered by the fact that the Ford Motor Company puts ads in gay publications.

They threaten a Christian boycott of Ford.

"We strongly suggest that Ford remove itself from involvement in the cultural war and apply its resources to building the best product possible," AFA chairman Donald E. Wildmon said in the letter sent Tuesday.

"We cannot, and will not, sit by as Ford supports an agenda aimed at the destruction of the family."

Not only that, but it seems Ford has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to homosexual groups, sponsors gay pride parades and holds mandatory diversity training for managers. Like the other Detroit automakers, Ford also recognizes same-sex partnerships in employee benefits packages.

Ye Gads! Who knew that Ford was pushing that famous and often elusive “Homosexual Agenda” and was intent on destroying your family?

Others who signed the AFA letter include James Dobson, founder and chairman of Focus On the Family, American Values President Gary Bauer and D. James Kennedy, president of Coral Ridge Ministries, Dr. Richard Land, President The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, The Southern Baptist Convention, Paul Weyrich, National Chairman, Coalitions for America, Beverly LaHaye, Founder and Chairman, Concerned Women for America, Dr. Leo Godzich, Chairman, National Association of Marriage Enhancement (sounds like a pro-Viagra group), Carol L. Wagstaff, M.A., Executive Director, Living Stones Ministries (AKA “Living Stoned Ministries”)

The letter reads, "Ford’s support for these groups pushing homosexual marriage can only hurt dealers across the country. Why would Ford put the interests of seven homosexual groups ahead of the interests of all their dealers? Simply because Ford considers seven homosexual leaders more important than thousands of their dealers(you know those guys on the corner slipping Ford executives those little packets).”

The 3-million-member AFA charged that Ford reneged on promises the organization said the Dearborn automaker made to the group in November. The AFA said Ford agreed to stop sponsoring homosexual groups that promote same-sex marriages and running ads in gay publications and other media outlets in the United States, except for a small number by its Volvo brand.

Volvo? How come Volvo can push the "homosexual agenda" and no one else can anyway?

In June, the Tupelo, Miss.-based AFA delayed a boycott after collecting pledges from 110,000 people not to buy Ford vehicles. On Dec. 5, the AFA called off the planned boycott after Ford said its Jaguar and Land Rover brands would pull ads from magazines catering to gays and lesbians.

Run for your lives. Lesbians in Land Rovers!!!

And strange as it may seem, I actually know a lesbian who drives a Jaguar...but that's another story.

Ford has said it met with the AFA, but that its move to pull Jaguar and Land Rover ads was a business decision that was unrelated to the planned boycott and not part of a deal with the AFA.

Anywho, after several gay-rights activists complained about the company's apparent promise to remove ads from gay publications, Ford said on Dec. 14 it would run corporate-wide ads featuring all of its brands in gay publications. At the time, Ford also said its financial troubles could cause some cuts in its sponsorship of gay and lesbian groups and events.

"As far as we're concerned, when Ford made its statement to us last month, the matter was finished and we went on with our lives," said Jeffrey Montgomery, executive director of the Detroit-based Triangle Foundation. "The AFA can't seem to do the same."

Justin Nelson, co-founder and president of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, called the letter "beyond ridiculous."

"I sit here in amazement that these people do not understand that unlike them, bigotry and hatred is not a mantra a major corporation wants to promote," he told the PlanetOut Network. "It's economics 101: Companies target and market to diverse segments in which they do business in an effort to increase market share and make a positive impact on the bottom line. If a company was to employ the AFA strategy it would not only be morally bankrupt, but would be in chapter 11 as a business enterprise."

We thank Justin for his succinct teaching on the nature of capitalism.

It’s the MONEY stupid! Sources: Detroit Free Press, Planet Out, 365 Gay, Agape Press (Ugh), AFA (double ughs)


Anonymous said...

Xtians don't understand, queers buy cars. So why not advertise to them. What idiots. If FORD has a brain they will just ignore the neo-nazi bigots.


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