Tuesday, January 10, 2006

From the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee


We, the LPDC team, the Leonard Peltier Legal team and KOLA/IPF would like to know what are YOU doing on Febuary 6, 2006?

February 6th, marks the 30th anniversary of Leonard’s illegal extradition to the United States from Canada. Supporters all around the world are getting together in honor of our warrior-Leonard.

Will you be meeting with friends to view “Incident of Oglala?”
Attend a candlelight vigil?
Get together with friends to write letters to our Politicians?
Coordinate a benefit event?
Call your favorite radio station and request a special song dedicated to our Warrior?
Place an order with our Café Press online store
Proudly wear your Leonard Peltier T-shirt and hand out information brochures? (available via our website)
Sign the online petition to George Bush?
@http://users.skynet.be/kola//ppet.htm (online cards to George W. Bush also available)

Be AN Army OF ONE, and plan an event for Leonard! Get others to join you and lets us know what you’ll be doing for Leonard on Feb 6, 2006?

Call the LPDC @ 915-533-6655
Email us at:info@leonardpeltier.org and share with us your plans and ideas!

Join Us! We would love to hear from you ! LET US put your name on the Map!
Please continue to check our website : www.leonardpeltier.org/ WE WILL BE POSTING A MAP with all the activities that supporters are doing on FEB 6, 2005.

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

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