Thursday, May 03, 2012


No time this afternoon for much personal commentary.  I will say this though.  What is going on in Greece these days is downright scary.  Fascists attacking protesters, a nazi party marching from the streets into Parliament, internment camps being set up, and people of non Greek origin being attacked and killed  in the midst of all the rest of the turmoil is telling.

Where are the Greeks who lived under the Generals?  Are there any Greeks still alive who lived under the Nazis?  Is there anyone around to tell  Athina and Rosalie quoted below in the BBC to go to hell?

"We believe in our race, we believe in our nation's power," Athina says. "These immigrants have not been checked for diseases. If a Greek person feels threatened by an immigrant, I justify someone trying to give them justice.

"I don't know why I should care about violence against immigrants."

"We are not racist," Rosalie assures me. "They [immigrants] are [racist] towards us, because we love our country. Is this wrong?

"We brought civilization, we brought everything. They kill us and they rape us."

Want to put someone in a detention camp?  I suggest starting with Athina and Rosalie.

The following is from Fear to Sleep.

Little stories from IMF-run Greece: migrant concentration camp opens in Athens; racist Greek assassinates Albanian worker near the camp in cold blood; FRONTEX border force causes the death of yet another three migrants

“When I hear of order, it smells of human flesh” (Odysseas Elytis)

Today, the Ministry of so-called Citizen Protection announced the inaugural transfer of 56 undocumented migrants to the first so-called ”closed hospitality centre”, in the settlement of Amygdaleza, NW Athens. How many euphemisms can fit in a single sentence? The centre is the first concentration camp in the Greek territory. Ahead of the elections of May 6th, Greek Democracy strikes against the weakest, in a tough (and therefore desperate) bid to infuse a sense of common purpose and vision to its rapidly disgruntled subjects — or, when there is little left to feed to the populace, fear comes to order’s (momentary) rescue.

On the same day, only a few hundred meters from the location of the first concentration camp, a Greek male ran over a 53-year old Albanian day laborer who was waiting, with others, to be picked up. The driver, according to witnesses (GR), ran into the crowd of workers while driving with his partner in the car, shouting “I’ll fuck you all”. He drove away and one of the workers ran off to the local police station to report the incident; the police refused to intervene. A little while later the driver returned, this time shooting at the workers. He injured one Pakistani worker at his feet and another Albanian worker at his hip. As the 53-year old worker paused, the driver exited his car, shot him in the head in cold blood, and drove away.

As is by now customary in such murders, no mainstream media have reported the names of any of the victims involved, and it has been so far impossible to identify them from other sources.
Also on the same day, a vehicle of the international border patrol force, FRONTEX, was involved in yet another deadly incident at the Evros border: a car carrying undocumented migrants caught fire under following a car chase (it is still unclear how). The driver and another two of its passengers were burnt in the fire and died.

More info will most probably never come.

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