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The NATO backed racist militias in Libya continue their campaign of murder and intimidation.  On Monday, a number of blacks were killed in a refuge camp just outside Libya's capital of Tripoli.

A Reuters report reads:
"Men from Misrata came to the camp at 10 o'clock. We knew they were from Misrata because it was written all over their cars," camp resident Huda Bel-Eid said at Tripoli Medical Hospital.
"Around 15 of them started shooting us. All the women escaped but the young men stayed. My brother was there and I went to help him because he was shot in the head and neck, then they shot me (in the leg)," she added.
Residents of the camp took to the streets to demonstrate against the racist attack and were themselves attacked by more militia fighters who were on the streets supposedly to preserve security and order. 

The camp is made filled with former residents of the town of Tawergha which has itself become little more than a ghost town.

The area around the camp was closed off during the attack, according to Libya 360, preventing any aid getting through to the camp residents.  Libya 360 adds:
The racist crimes committed by the Misrata Brigade against the town of Tawergha, which is mainly populated by Black Libyans, has been well documented by international human rights organisations and and the global mainstream media. They are infamous for scrawling on the walls on the road to Tawergha, that they, the Misrata brigade are “the brigade for the purging of the skins of slaves, Black skins.”
Under the protection of NATO bombing which obliterated any attempts by the Tawerghan people and Libyan military to defend themselves and the twon, the Misrata brigade racially cleansed the entire town of between 10-20,000 in Tawergha in line with their motto that “there is no Tawergha, only Misrata”. Indeed Tawergha as it historically was, no longer exists.

Camp residents are calling out to the world for help.

The following report comes from Black Star News.

Racist Militia Slaughter 12 "Black" Libyans

By Lizzie Phelan

The death toll from yesterday’s attack by the Misrata brigade on a refugee camp in Tripoli has reached 12.

Doctors and locals report that two of the dead were women and one elderly man. The exact number of injured is unknown although many videos have emerged online and in mainstream western and GCC media of wounded victims.

Inhabitants in the camp in the Janzour area are from the town of Tawergha, whose entire and predominantly Black Libyan population of about 35,000 were forced to flee from relentless attack by NATO and the Misrata rebels.

The attack began when a heavily armed rebel militia from Misrata entered the squalid camp situated in a naval base firing anti-aircraft guns mounted on pick up trucks in the air to scare the inhabitants. This was followed by some of the rebels opening fire  on the inhabitants.

Following the attack, Tawerghans took to the streets in protest. This could be seen on an Al Jazeera English video (which is now notated as "private.") However, the AJE report omits any mention of the inherent racism of the rebels that has been exposed by their systematic persecution of Black Libyans and migrants from other countries on the continent since the beginning of the crisis in Libya. It also omits that the channel has been at the forefront of aggravating racist attacks as a result of its relentless an unsubstantiated claims of a systematic policy by the Jamahiriyah government of hiring “African mercenaries” - racist terminology in itself which implies a separation between Libyans from Africa despite that the nation is African.

Reuters  reported that Abdelhafid Suleiman, head of the military council of Janzour, claimed that the inhabitants were armed with “sticks and knives”. But locals and doctors have insisted the inhabitants were unarmed and critics have stressed that this accusation contains racist language in line with the well documented racism of the Misrata rebels.

Elsewhere, reports have cited a statement released by locals in Janzour the Wershafana people of Libya pledging to arm the people of Tawergha so that they could defend themselves. 

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