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I dedicate this to all those confused and "misguided" young followers of Ron Paul.  I have trouble with the misguided label since so much has been written for years about the good doctors relationship with the racist, anti-semitic, far right.  So many times his own bigoted writings have been exposed that I find it hard to believe that these young followers have somehow missed it all.  But hey, let's pretend they just somehow have yet to figure out that there is more to Ron Paul then the fact that he supports the legalization of marijuana.  Let's say that is somehow really true.  Well, gang, here is  something else you young followers will no doubt miss.

Thank you One People's Project for the report.  I'll pass it along to those young, misguided, followers.


Ron Paul Marine Le PenYou know that line “It’s the economy, stupid”? We are starting to think that the right believes we are stupid if they think so long as they talk economy we will ignore their antisemitism, their Islamophobia, and flat out bigotry and hatemongering. The problem for them is we don’t, and that’s why we have to thank Rep. Ron Paul for keeping us current with the problem of his white supremacist ties, as he kept and originally canceled meeting with French hatemonger Marine Le Pen who earlier this year took over the racist National Front from her retiring father, party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen. We also have to thank teabagger, congressman and deadbeat dad Joe Walsh for meeting with her as well, because that pretty much cements the fact that he is a scumbag too – which didn’t need much cementing in the first place. The fact that these were the only two idiots that met with her, along with the fact that she was not allowed to posture at the Holocaust Museum and possibly thought twice about doing it at Occupy Wall St., should be a warning to all the conservatives out there that think that somehow her brand of politics will be accepted, that if they keep pushing them, the climate Is right that the world will push them aside.

One People’s Project

Despite earlier reports that Marine Le Pen, the head of the racist French political party National Front, was having trouble getting elected officials on Capitol Hill to meet her as she did a tour of the United States, and that Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul canceled his scheduled meeting citing scheduling conflicts, Rep. Paul ultimately did meet with the controversial figure, as did Rep. Joe Walsh, a freshman congressman who himself has been embroiled in controversy during his brief tenure.
According to an article on the Roll Call website, Le Pen met with Paul briefly while she was in Washington, DC where they discussed a return to the gold standard. "He has been a visionary on this subject, as we have been visionaries on the economic crisis that today besets Europe," Le Pen said. The article also notes that Paul would not responded to reporters’ questions as to why he was meeting with the Le Pen, as he pushed past them to get to his office where she waited.
The meeting with Rep. Joe Walsh was just as brief, where they reportedly discussed economic and environmental issues. Walsh, is a Tea Party-associated Congressman who has charged President Obama with siding with Palestinian interests over that of Israel, and has seen controversy himself as a deadbeat dad reportedly owing $100,000 in child support.
Last month some expressed outrage at the fact that Paul, long suspected of having white supremacist ties, for scheduling a meeting with Le Pen, a presidential candidate herself in France, who took over the reins of the National Front from her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen as he retired, and says she seeks to distance the party from old anti-Semitic positions, although she maintains Islamophobic positions. Other lawmakers reportedly balked at meeting her, including Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who was originally scheduled to do so, but later declined, his spokesperson saying they couldn’t agree to “specific details”.
Le Pen planned to visit the Holocaust Museum in DC, earlier saying she “stands with the nation of Israel and strongly repudiates Neo-Nazism, radical jihadists and other efforts to deny Israel’s right to exist and thrive.” Museum officials declined her request to have a private visit, however, and she cited that and the pursuit of media as she was in town as the reason why she chose not to make the visit.
The visit was cheered on by white nationalist Kevin DeAnna, head of the white supremacist organization Youth for Western Civilization, who wrote an article excoriating the media, particularly the French media as being biased for not defending Le Pen on at least the positions that were not generally supported by conservatives. “(I)t is revealing that a pro-choice, pro worker candidate for a major French political party is automatically relegated to the "far right," even by the American conservative press,” he wrote. “It shows that the economic reforms the Left claims to champion are very much a red herring -- the French Left despises French workers just as the American Left is willing to trample the environment or demolish high wages as long as they can continue screwing over American workers.
“The difference between the Right and the Left is over culture and identity,” he continued.  “The rest is details.”
Le Pen’s tour of the United States included a trip to the UN where she met with Israel’s ambassador Ron Prosor, who was admonished for posing in a photo with her, but despite reports that she planned to visit the Occupy Wall St. protest, there has not been any reports saying she actually did.

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