Friday, November 11, 2011


Today I introduce you to Fran Thompson, a woman serving life in prison for killing a stalker who broke into her house and was poised to attack her.  There is very little information out there that I could find about Fran.  This is partially because she pretty much refuses to ask for help and disdains pity.

On infoshop news I found the following:

Regular readers of the ELP Newsletter will be aware of the name Fran Thompson. In the Newsletter, ELP lists her as "An eco-activist serving life for shooting dead, in self-defence, a stalker who had broken into her home".

But who is Fran? Fran is your typical eco-activist.

On the outside she campaigned long and hard for the issues she cared about. Her campaigning included protesting against nuclear industry, intensive animal farming and environmental destruction. This campaigning made her unpopular in her home area, which was a rural farming area in Nebraska. Now one day, one of Fran' s farming neighbours decided that he wanted to get his hands on the land which Fran owned. To obtain the land he asked Fran to marry him. Fran declined. However this guy was not going to take no for an answer and started stalking her. The stalking got so bad that one-day he broke into her house. Terrified of what he might do to her, Fran grabbed a gun and defended herself. He sadly died from a gunshot wound.

At her trial the Judge refused to allow the Jury to consider a plea of self-defence and Fran was convicted of murder.

Fran hates "poor little Fran" articles being written about her and has never sort out prisoner support. In fact the international eco-prisoner support movement may never of heard about Fran if it wasn't for the fact in 1997 she contacted the British "Vegan Prisoners Support Group" asking them if they could help her secure vegan food. The VPSG passed on Fran's details to an ELP volunteer and ELP has supported Fran from then on. Fran is a lovely woman who deserves all the support we can offer her.

Fran Thompson #1090915
Post Office Box 300
Vandalia, Missouri 63382


Lorrie P said...

I've done time with Fran. She's a no-nonsense woman and very intelligent. She may be returning to York, Nebraska as the Missouri prison she's in will be smoke-free.

Anonymous said...

Fran has moved and her address is now as follows:

Ms. Fran Thompson No. 1090915
CCC, 3151 Litton Drive
Chillicothe, MO 64601

Remember not to mail special items as she can only receive letters and non-polaroid pictures.

Anonymous said...

See more information about Fran's case at

Elizabeth Renehan said...

I did time with Fran myself & I LOVE her!!! I had stayed in touch with her for some time after she left York, but we somehow lost contact. I'm SO glad I happened across this, so that I can get in contact with her again!