Monday, October 10, 2011


I really don't like having to post this, because I know that the vast majority of those involved in  OCCUPY KANSAS CITY are good folks.  Just yesterday more than 500 persons marched in support here.  That,  I will tell you is a whole lot for this town. However, something really has to be done about nazi posts on pages that claim to represent them.

This post pertains to the #OccupyKC - We are the 99% facebook page.  
Lots of posts by out and out nazis here. This simply cannot stand right now. The main culprits are Zeitgeist Nineelevetruthseekers and Keith Sharp. I know these people do not represent OCCUPY KC. They do not even represent the majority of Ron Paul supporters. However, when you allow this trash by Jew haters to just sit there on your page, well, you get the drift. Who the hell is in charge of this page and don't they do something and why aren't the rest of you saying anything about it? 
I am a legitimate anti Zionist. These people hide their nazism behind anti Zionism and sully all the rest. They haven't an ounce of actual concern about the Palestinian People or OCCUPY KANSAS CITY. Their agenda is clear. It is plain. It is racist. It is Jew hating. If you can't figure that out by watching their videos or by checking out their links, then you either have no brain or do not care.  
Maybe one of you Ron Paul types who want to show how you aren't a racist will take a moment. I have better things to do with my time then constantly having to keep an eye out for this trash.
I will check back later and see if anything has been done.  I will inform you all what has happened, if anything at that time. 

NOTE: October 10th, 5 PM:  As of now the posts are still there, although several people have now complained and there has been more back and forth between yours truly and Keith the Hitler Quoter.  Again, the views expressed by Keith and  Zeitgeist Nineelevetruthseekers do not reflect those of Occupy Kansas City.  

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