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After accidentally running into a few minutes of the Republican debate last night during which Michelle Bachman discussed her notion of being submissive to her husband, Ron Paul explained why he is against gay marriage, and Rick Santorum pointed out that although we are not allowed to execute a rapist, we are allowed to "execute" the unborn child who is the result of the rape, I figured I was losing my mind.  Then, this morning, I read this and had it confirmed.  I have stumbled into a parallel universe.

From People of Color Organize.

Now Wall Street is Concerned About Black Marriage!? 

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Us Rads always have reactionary family members, and my reactionary family member ambushed me with the most anti-Black article I’ve read in my life.  As any conscience colonized person knows, many of our elders are still held by the notion that “White is Right”.  However, I refused to be subjected to ignorance, so in response to this abhorrent article from the Wall Street Journal (of all publications!!) I sent the following response.  The article is titled “An Interracial Fix to Black Marriage” and it hypothesizes that Black marriage can be saved if Black women attempt to date white men.   You read it right folks….the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal, a so called respectable publication, published this ridiculous article!!
If you decide to torture yourself and read the article, you will notice that the Negro bootlicker who wrote this article names other ethnicities that Black women can “explore”.  Nevertheless the pictures (one of them being the headline of this post) tell his real intention. 
It’s interesting that you say this article has “interesting facts” because when I read it, all I see is an anti-black opinion piece coming from a patriarchal perspective of the issues that Black women and by extension Black Men face.  This article has absolutely no facts at all and completely lacks a structural analysis to the conditions that are imposed on Black people by the state and Wall Street itself. 
First off it is problematic this article was published by the Wall Street Journal.  A publication owned by Rupert Murdoch, the recently exposed media mogul who owns Fox News and all other sorts of anti-black and racist media outlets, including Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck shows (well known and ardent RACIST).  It is a mistake to take anything you read at face value and not consider the source.  Wall Street is the biggest criminal who destabilized the economy for their own gain at the expense of Black people particularly by targeting us for subprime mortgages (Study Shows Blacks Will NEVER Gain Wealth Parity With Whites Under the Current System, in this article pay special close attention to the fact that “Upper income Blacks fell even farther behind their white peers than lower income Blacks”.)   And I know we love to forget our past so we can clamor to be so-called Americans, but it’s a fact that Wall Street had its advent in trading Black bodies (The Slavers of Wall Street: Investment Banks and Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade).  So how is it that now they are so worried about the Black family that it feels it needs to put forth solutions?!  And even worse the solution is so ridiculous I can’t believe anyone would think it is sound.
“Black women can best promote black marriage by opening themselves to relationships with men of other races”
So some kind of way for us to negate ourselves and go “outside” the race is supposed to heal Black families!  That’s counter-intuitive and anti-intellectual.  How is it that essentially making Black men jealous (which is pretty much his “astute” analysis) supposed to alleviate the real, objective, and structural problems we face as a SUBJECT of American society?  He’s telling the reader that having the individual solution of running away from your community and marrying white men, will effect change in the community at large and spun more Black marriages!  Come on ya’ll, even a child can see that doesn’t correlate!
Second, this article is completely patriarchal written by a Black man who claims he talked to all these Black women in order to give some modicum of authenticity.  I don’t believe he talked to any of the Black women he claimed.  The majority of Black women are not living this upper-middle class lifestyle that he claims is causing us to have a disconnect with the so-called “blue collar Black man”. The majority of Black women work more than one low-wage job just to make ends meet.  Not to mention that Black women’s incarceration is sky-rocketing, but he never mentions that at all (Number of Young African American Women in Prison Rises).  The prison industrial complex is attacking Black people, not just Black men.   
And he presents his position as if being married is the only thing that gives a woman real worth.
“Audrey earns a good living, too, with an income from management consulting that far surpasses what her parents ever made. Her social life is busy as well, filled with family, friends and church.  What Audrey lacks is a husband”
Wow, thank you great father for letting us know that we cannot be complete nor have any value without having a man.  Thank you so much for reminding us that Judeo-Christian values teach the world that a woman must live in the shadow of a man and our place is to be the protector of home and hearth with no real affect or involvement in public and political life.  You’re so good to remind us that we can’t speak for ourselves and that we need a man to impart our realities to the rest of the world.  We are just so dependent and childlike that we are incapable of articulating our own problems, we need a big strong, man to come save us!!
Then he talks about how Black men have more of an ability to be a “playa”, so they are not confronted with relationship problems.   
“Black women confront the worst relationship market of any group because of economic and cultural forces that are not of their own making; and they have needlessly worsened their situation by limiting themselves to black men.”
So the author has essentially blamed the demise of the Black family on Black women.  He has placed it all on our backs, while at the same time saying that our solution is to negate ourselves and the Black family by not making Black babies.  So at the end of the day his analysis is that ANYTHING is better than Black!  How can anyone think this article is worth circulating and poisoning our minds with trash to believe that we are pathological and that Black women enable our pathology?  And how is it that Black men have improved their lot by dating White women while at the same time being rammed into jail, how does this make logical sense?
The structural analysis is completely lacking.  First off, let’s ask the question as to why Black men’s incarceration is high.  It’s because the racist war on drugs will convict a Black man and throw him in jail while a white man committing the same or worse offense will get off scott free.  Not to mention that this same white man will get a job BEFORE a Black man with no criminal record!  I suggest everyone buy and read the new book by Michelle Alexander called The New Jim Crow and listen to this radio showproduced by Black Agenda Report who truly have our interest at heart.  Not some Uncle Tom, licking the boots of the WSJ editors!
Finally (there are so many things wrong with this article, I can’t even cover it all), how it is that Black women will have more in common with Asian, Latino, or Middle Eastern men?  While we have all been colonized and face racial oppression, Black people suffer a special oppression that only other Black people can relate to; regardless of so-called class.  His analysis once again brings us back to the fact that this racist publication is trying to prove that anything is better than Black, and the way to bringing prosperity is to get rid of Blackness through miscegenation with any other race.  Furthermore, Latino does not mean Brown people.  Latino is a designation for a group of people who speak a Latin language, which means there are millions of Black people who are also Latino in South America and on the Continent.  As you can see, based on Wikipedia’s definition, Haitians are also Latino because Haiti is in Latin America.  So he shows his ignorance in using this lexicon as if being Latino means non-Black.  Nevertheless, if you want to talk about our ability to negate ourselves by dating Brown people to make our relationships and prospects better purely because they are not Black (and therefore “not pathological and in jail”),  that’s false as well because Brown Latino men’s incarceration rates are not far behind non-Latino Black men.
Honestly, this article was highly offensive and in the future do not send me anymore reactionary, anti-Black, propaganda written by any Uncle Tom on behalf of their white masters.  For anyone reading my response who wants real news about Black people’s condition, I suggest you visit Black Agenda Report,Voxunion, and People of Color Organize (to name a few).  I purposefully don’t watch TV or read mainstream, right-wing, reaction publications because it does nothing to uplift us as a people and to bolster our self-confidence.  So I would appreciate it if you did not subject me to this trash.  Wow, another reason not to despise Rupert Murdoch!

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