Friday, August 26, 2011


Okay, so even I have to report a story with a smile on my face once in a while.  I do this while acknowledging that Michelle Bachman and her MAN are not a happy couple...and certainly not a couple that makes me happy.  As you all know hubby Marcus has this infatuation with gay folks and can't seem to get them off his mind for more than a few seconds at a time.  Michelle, who many believe is really a guy in drag, has similar issues.  How these too hooked up is anyone's guess.  They are truly a match made in the fiery pits of hell.  

Well, the barbarians have come for them, the torches are lit, the sky is falling and all of civilization is on the verge of collapse (I wish).

The following comes to us all free of charge from Columbus

Horde of Gay Barbarian Flashmob Converts "Marcus Bachman" in Glitter Baptism at Clinic


The barbarians were locked out of the office, but remained undaunted and fabulous at the gates, along with newly converted "Marcus."
Earlier today in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, an army of gay barbarians marched on Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s “clinic”, condemning the couple’s attempt to “pray away” their discredited gay conversion therapy.
The flashmob protest — inspired by Marcus’s assertion that gays are “barbarians who need to be disciplined” — comes in the wake of the unlicensed therapist’s peculiar reversal, now denying he or his “therapists” ever practiced the harmful therapy.
In an attempt to clear up the confusion, the group of “gay barbarians” approached the clinic earlier this morning in hopes to speak to Marcus. When the staff saw a horde of over 100 barbarians approaching, they locked the clinic doors.
Undaunted, the barbarians at the gates demanded to see Marcus. Significant medical evidence suggests the “therapy” is a farce.

"Marcus Bachmann" (local actor Carl Atiya Swanson) gets into the spirit of Lady Gaga.
The barbarians then began chanting “you can’t pray away the gay, baby I was born this way!”. Finally, a visibly frustrated “Marcus” emerged in front of the clinic and confronted the horde yelling “you barbarians need discipline!” as he reprimanded the dancing barbarians with a black leather whip. They responded by showering him with glitter, and after the sparkling baptism “Marcus” gave in to his barbaric urges, joining the horde in their infectious flashmob dance.
The Marcus impersonator was a local actor.
“Let’s be clear: Marcus Bachmann is the practitioner of an unhealthy, unscientific and dangerous practice,” explained Nick Espinosa, one of the event organizers. “It seems all too convenient that the minute Michele Bachamann becomes a candidate for President Marcus starts making a desperate attempt to walk back his previous statements.”
Marcus’s inexplicable change of orientation on the use of “ex-gay” therapy comes a month after an interview in which he claimed to only use the therapy “at the patient’s discretion.” This statement also contradicts video evidence from an undercover investigation that shows employees of the clinic clearly encouraging the widely-discredited therapy.
“The American people have a right to know: does the Bachmann family profit from bogus “gay reparative therapy” or not,” continued Espinosa. “The medical evidence against the practice aside, the Bachmann’s subversive marginalization of the LGBT community is despicable.”
Today’s action was organized by the same young man who previously glittered Newt Gingrich, inspiring a national trend in political protest of anti-LGBT sentiments from political candidates and campaigns.
“It’s clear that the Bachmanns are the real barbarians here, and their archaic views on LGBT equality will no longer be tolerated,” Espinosa said.
Michele Bachmann has a long history of controversial anti-gay politics, and has compared the gay lifestyle to “bondage and slavery.”
Her anti-gay views have been a focal point of her career as a politician, but lately she has shied away from reporters’ questions about her controversial comments and taxpayer-funded “reparative therapy” clinic. While Michele Bachmann has long railed against federal safety net programs like Medicaid, the Bachmann & Associates clinic has received over $137,000 in Medicaid funds and over $27,000 in other state and federal funds.
For years, the scientific and medical communities — including groups like the American Psychology Association — have dismissed “reparative therapy” (also known as “conversion therapy” or “ex-gay therapy”) as dangerous and unethical.
BONUS! The Rite Thing: More Scenes from the Barbarian Struggle in Lake Elmo, Minnesota

A barbarian raises his paw in salute to Marcus Bachmann's conversion

The barbarians dance.

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