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Direct action sometimes is really direct.  The things you sometimes have to do to get some attention or to tell the powers that be that you are just tired of all the shit.  Well, across the sea in the land of Germany some folks are letting everyone in on a secret.  They ain't going quietly into the night.  In fact, it is they who are making use of the night.  Whatever you personally think of this sort of thing, you gotta admit it isn't just "interpreting the world" now is it?

From Working Class Self Organization comes this lesson in self organization.

Berlin Says No To Gentrification

For a fourth consecutive night, the authorities have been dealing with the burning of luxury cars across Berlin. Three hundred and seventy two cars have been targeted so far this year, a 100% increase on 2010. The cars are general BMW’s, Mercedes, Porsche, and Ferrari’s.

The media and politicians are blaming the attacks on ‘left wing extremists’, who are protesting against the gentrification of some of the boroughs of Berlin. The burning of luxury cars has also spread to Hamburg and Dusseldorf, but on a smaller scale. Five hundred extra officers and helicopter have been promised in the coming nights.

Several individuals have been arrested and charged with arson, however, German law does not allow sentences to be inflated to discourage copy cats, as they do in the UK, stated a disappointed official

The troubles are one of the main talking points of the current election campaign. The Christian Democrat Party is encouraging the general public to form militia groups. Election hopeful, Burkard Dregger has promised to arm 1000 volunteers with truncheons and handcuffs, if he is elected. How very Christian, and democratic!

There are several areas of Berlin that have seen numerous squatters evicted, ‘latte sipping’ yuppies have moved in, house prices have soared, and poor people have been forced out. Some areas have seen 60% of the residents moving away to other areas, due to the influx of rich folk.

Many of the ruling elite have followed a similar script to their counterparts in the UK. They believe that there can be no possible underlying issues that may be contributory factors. The burning of cars is just plain and simple vandalism. Whilst the more reactionary upper class believes that Germany is on the cusp of returning to the days of Baader-Meinhof, which may be a slight overreaction.

When will the ruling elite admit that the spate of ‘mindless violence’ that occurred across Europe over the last year, may just have just a small link to the austerity measures that governments are forcing on us, rather than just an underclass scum, who have no sense of society, or common decency.

FYI, when I say ‘underclass scum, with no sense of society of common decency’, I am referring to how the ruling classes currently refer to the working classes, rather than referring to the Conservative Party.

 Incidents of politically motivated car arson 2011 in Berlin

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