Saturday, August 28, 2010


conservative-rally-cp-9276021.jpgI believe that all those ten of thousands of almost completely white faces, of various classes, educational levels, and sexes who gathered today on the mall were able to do so because they identify as whites before all else and they are desperate to save the America they know and love, the America of the white mainstream, the only America they believe is legitimate.

They are scared to death at the prospect of an America in which they are not the majority.  They fear losing that America not as women, or workers, or high school or college graduates, middle class, but as WHITES. They see an African American President (even a moderate one), they see non white people coming across the border and filling up kindergarten classes and they are scared. They see a rising China populated by a billion or so yellow people and they are scared.  God knows, they are still in command here and in the world, but they fear rightly that their days are numbered...and it scares the hell out of them.

And I say tough shit to them.  Get used to it.  Get out of the way.

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