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Thousands of persons from far and wide will be converging on Washington D.C. to arrest health insurance executives. the health insurance lobbying group - will be at the Ritz-Carlton hotel
in Washington, DC for its annual policy conference on March 9th and 10th - figuring out more and better ways to make super profits off the backs of the sick.

It's a strange industry, huh, but let's face it, that is exactly what the private health insurance industry is all about. They sure as hell aren't doing anyone any favors. But then, isn't that what capitalism is all about. Well, yeah, so maybe we just ought to march on Washington and get rid of capitalism itself.

Well, maybe later.

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The following is from Citybizlist Baltimore.

Hundreds of Maryland Residents Headed to DC Health Care Crime Scene
Local Health Care Reform Supporters to Join Thousands in Washington to "Arrest" Health Insurance Executives

(Baltimore, MD) -- On Tuesday, March 9th, 300 Baltimore residents will pile into six buses to join thousands of other health reform supporters in Washington, DC to protest the health insurance industry and its ongoing campaign to protect its profits and block comprehensive health insurance reform. Health reform supporters from across the country will come together on Tuesday March 9th to make a mass citizens' arrest of the health insurance executives who are denying care, hiking up premiums, and contributing to the deaths of 45,000 people each year.

America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) - the health insurance lobbying group - will be at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Washington, DC for its annual policy conference on March 9th and 10th, and people from across the country will descend upon the hotel to let the insurance companies know they are not welcome in the nation's capital. AHIP has been spending tens of millions of dollars to spread lies and misinformation about much-needed health care reform, and it's time Congress listened to us - not the insurance companies.

Baltimore residents Dorothy Bryant and Russell Kovach will be among the thousands out in front of the Ritz armed with arrest warrants, badges, crime tape, "wanted" posters, and more. The crowd will be deputized as officers to carry out the arrests of the Big Insurance CEOS and AHIP leaders for their crimes against America's health. Together, these sheriffs will disrupt the insurance companies' plotting session and fan out into the streets for other actions that send a clear and dramatic message to Congress: Listen to everyday Americans. Not the insurance lobbyists. We've had enough. The time for real reform is now.

"It's time to put the enemies on notice. We will not allow the big corporations and their lobbyists to bully Congress to a standstill. This means confronting the health insurance industry that has secretly spent tens of millions to protect its profits by trying to kill reform," said Dorothy Bryant, a member of AFSCME Council 67. "I've decided that if Congress can't hear me from Baltimore, then I'm going to DC and making my voice heard."

"The insurance companies and their cronies in Congress have done everything they can to muddy the issue and drag down reform," said Russell Kovach, a Baltimore resident. "There are two sides in this fight, and it is time for members of Congress to pick one. They can stand with us and support real change, or they can side with the insurance industry. We've had enough, and we're heading to DC to say so."

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