Tuesday, March 11, 2008


British police raided undisclosed locations in York two nights ago and arrested two individuals on charges of harassment. This has been labelled as a terrorist activity due to their membership in York Action for Animals (YAFA). The cops have linked YAFA to the radical Animal Liberation Front thus their use of the terror label.

YAFA has succeeded in taking fois grois off the menu in York. As they report:

"In October 2007 we were aware of 6 places in York with foie-gras on their main menu, now there are none - the majority of these places stopped selling foie gras after polite emails or conversations - their management were friendly and professional and were able to talk and discuss concerns - there was one notable exception, which will be kept under surveillance."

After the YAFA and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Europe staged demonstrations in the York, its city council voted last fall to stop all future sales of culinary product.

Yet, despite the ban, it became known that the restaurant at the Blue Bicycle although the dish had gone from its main menu, it was still available on the specials board and for outside catering contracts. So YAFA directed a campaign at them (see article below).

As you know foie grois is the swollen liver of ducks that have been force-fed with metal pipes- this force feeding causes severe excruciating pain for the poor birds as their livers swell up to 10 times their natural size and they suffer from a medical condition which a veterinarian would call 'hepatic lipidosis'.

After the ban was passed in York, Councilor Paul Blanchard said York could help spur a nationwide effort against foie grois.

"The process which leads to the production of foie grois is cruel and should be banned," he said. "It is so cruel it is banned in 15 countries."

"This motion will be a start and it will raise awareness of this intolerable cruelty," he added. "This could genuinely be the end for foie grois in this country."

The following is from The Press (Great Britain).

Animal rights pair held

TWO animal rights campaigners thought to be involved in protests against a York restaurant have been arrested on suspicion of harassment.

North Yorkshire Police said today that a number of items were also seized as part of an investigation.

A spokeswoman said that the two people who were arrested were a 40-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman.

They were suspected of harassment "relating to an incident connected to a restaurant in York".

She said both had been released on police bail while inquiries continued.

A number of allegations have been made on the Animal Liberation Front's (ALF) website about police officers' alleged conduct during the arrests.

The website carries a request for supporters to email North Yorkshire Police's professional standards.

Postings on the site claim the arrests related to the sustained campaign by YAFA (York Action for Animals) against the sale of foie gras by the Blue Bicycle restaurant in Fossgate.

YAFA organised a series of demonstrations outside the restaurant, which it said was the last in York to sell the controversial paté.

Earlier this month, it claimed victory, saying foie gras had been dropped from the menu.

But the Blue Bicycle said although the dish had gone from its main menu, it was still available on the specials board and for outside catering contracts, and it could reappear on the main menu in the future.

It is claimed on the ALF site that a property was raided by police under a search warrant issued in relation to unproven allegations of a "harrassing" phone call made on New Years Eve.

It is also claimed that items removed from the property included computers, mobile phones, a video camera and magazines and that cars were also searched.

Another posting on the website contains information on how to avoid "sensitive" information - for example about an "upcoming illegal project" - being obtained from computers when raided by the authorities.

The police spokeswoman said because two arrests had been made, the force would be unable to make any further comment.

A spokeswoman for the Blue Bicycle declined to comment.

Alan Swain, spokesperson for YAFA, said today that news of the arrests had come as a shock.

"YAFA is a peaceful, law-abiding organisation committed to bringing about change through the democratic process," he said. "We exercise our right of peaceful protest, and have worked very closely with North Yorkshire Police throughout our demonstrations to keep them fully appraised of our plans. We have developed a positive working relationship with the police and are proud that our demonstrations have always passed without incident.

"We have been made aware that two of our members have been arrested in correction with a complaint of harassment.

"We understand that these complaints do not relate to our demonstrations, and the two individuals deny any wrongdoing," he said.

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