Saturday, October 20, 2007


I want to bring to the attention of Oread Daily readers something new. You'll notice a new link on this page to a blog called The Stiletto. For your information this blog is from the other side of the political spectrum. I figured it wouldn't hurt readers of the Oread Daily to access a point of view with which most of the time they will certainly not agree. You should know that I have posted something from the blog before and that The Stiletto has posted items from Oread Daily. Of late, the publisher of the blog and I have exchange friendly correspondence on topics of mutual interest. The publisher of The Stiletto is most assuredly over on the right, but she is also humorous, interesting and more willing to exchange ideas than most any of her comrades of which I am aware. I've enjoyed communicating with her. On rare occasions we agree. A couple of examples of this agreement being the recent debate on the Armenian Genocide resolution and support of the second amendment.

She is also considering putting a link to the Oread Daily on her blog.

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