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Jerusalem Initiative: Joint Statement of Communist Party of Isreal and the Palestinian People's Party

Jerusalem Initiative

Joined Appeal of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI)
and the Palestinian People's Party (PPP)

To communist and worker parties, peace organizations, trade
unions, women organizations and youth movements

This Year we mark 40 years of the Palestinian territories'
occupation (in June 1967) and the 60 years anniversary to
the UN general assembly resolution regarding the
establishment of two states in mandatory Palestine
(November 1947).

Our parties, the Palestinian People's Party and the
Communist Party of Israel, which for many years foster
cooperation between themselves in the struggles against
Israeli occupation and its crimes as well as for just
peace, hereby address all the communist and worker parties,
peace organizations and workers, women and youth movements
in a call:

Let us mark both of these dates in a world effort, broad as
possible, which aims at ending the Israeli occupation as
soon as possible, and the establishing of a just and
lasting peace between the states, Israel and Palestine.

As part of this effort both our parties would hold and
international conference on June 3rd 2007 in Jerusalem
under the title:

The Jerusalem Initiative for Peace between the two states,
Israel and Palestine.

The 40 years experience of occupation has proven that
there isn't a military solution to the national conflict in
the Middle east' and that peace are vital to all peoples.
Nonetheless, the Israeli government, with the comprehensive
support of the U.S. administration, expands the settlement
in the Palestinian occupied territories, intensifies the
political and economic siege of the Palestinian people and
starves it, and creates fait a compli in order to prevent
the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. The
40 years of occupation has proven also that the
Israeli-Arab conflict is a source of danger for the peace
in the region and the peace of the world.

We call upon every peace seeker, party and organization in
the world to declare the week between the 2nd and 10th of
June 2007 as "The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Week", during
which solidarity activities would be held with the
Palestinian people and the Israeli peace forces, who
struggle against the occupation and its crimes and for
lasting peace which is based on the following principles:

The June 4th 1967 lines (the Green Line) will be the agreed
peace borders between the state of Israel and the
independent Palestinian state created alongside it. Any
change in these borders would have to be agreed by both
In Jerusalem there will be two capital cities the capital
city of Israel and the capital city of Palestine.
All the settlements in the occupied territories will be
The Palestinian refugees' problem will be resolved
according to the UN resolutions.

Such a peace program, which is accepted by the UN and the
international community, is the hope to cease the bloodshed
and the beginning of an era of lasting peace. It is a plan
which has not been implemented, in spite of the fact that
the two state principle solution has been set by the UN
general assembly 60 years ago.
Peace is vital! Peace is possible!
2007 The year of activities for an Israeli-Palestinian

The Palestinian People's Party
The Communist Party of Israel

March 2007

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