Monday, February 05, 2007


Some folks in New York like their bakery so much that they've taken to the streets to try to save it. Not exactly The Revolution, I know, but I found it interesting. The following review of the bakery from Healthy Living New York City also made me hungry.

This all-vegan bakery provides a variety of tastes for the vegan palate. Proud
to be 100% free of animal products and the refined sugar that sneaks into much
of their competition's dishes, this shop features some interesting products for
the organic and raw diets as well. The vegan pizza was surprisingly moist and
substantial. Topped with three kinds of peppers, onions, and tofu crumbles, we
practically had to fight over who would finish it. No blows were thrown, but
friendships were irreparably damaged. The vegan lasagna was also quite tasty and
relatively affordable for the portion. We closed out the meal with some
delectable treats. Their non-wheat oatmeal raisin cookies were sweet and crunchy
without being dry—just the way I like my oatmeal cookies. They also feature a
variety of fresh squeezed juices and smoothies—and shots of wheat grass so
potent my partner had to call in 'healthy' for work the next day.

The following articles are from NYC League of Humane Voters:

100+ turn out for our rally to save a vegan bakery

LOHV-NYC's rally this past Saturday to save Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen from eviction was truly inspiring. In spite of freezing cold weather, more than 100 vegans, vegetarians and neighborhood activists turned out in support of our efforts. Thank you! More information on what you can do to help this animal friendly bakery survive will be posted in the coming days.

LOHV-NYC, local pols try to save vegan bakery (This article is from late December)

Whole and Bakery and Kitchen has been a fixture on the Lower East Side for more than 15 years. That may change on March 31st, 2007, when the bakery's lease expires. Friedman Management, the bakery's landlord, has said it wants the bakery out. The League of Humane Voters of New York City (LOHV-NYC) along with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, State Senator Martin Connor, Assembly Member-Elect Brian Kavanagh and Council Member Rosie Mendez are trying to make sure the bakery's doors stay open. With LOHV-NYC's help, the bakery has gathered the names and addresses of more than 3,000 supporters and a "consciousness-raising" rally is being planned for February.

"Long before Whole Foods landed in the city, Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen was serving New Yorkers delicious vegan and organic baked goods," said John Phillips, LOHV-NYC's Executive Director. "Now, this beloved community bakery may be forced out. It's not fair and it's not what neighborhood residents want to happen. No one wants to see this place close."

Peter Silvestri and his mom, the late "Earth Mother" Filomena Silvestri, opened the bakery together. Says Peter Silvestri: "My mom was a guiding light … One of the last things she said to me [before she passed away earlier this year at age 94] was that she wanted to get back to the bakery … Unfortunately, now that this neighborhood has become valuable, my landlord's telling me I gotta go."

New York State Senator Martin Connor said, "It is really a sad commentary that another small business is being forced to close as a result of the high cost of real estate and rent in our community. Peter Silvestri and his Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen have been a unique presence in our neighborhood for 15 years. He sells healthy and very tasty food at an affordable price. Whole Earth Bakery was a pioneer in the East Village long before the trendy bars and boutiques moved in. I urge Friedman Management to reconsider renewing Whole Earth's lease so that we can all continue to enjoy the food and the atmosphere that only a small neighborhood business can bring to a community. Don’t we have enough Starbuck's, McDonald's, and loud bars in this city?"

Assembly Member-Elect Brian Kavanagh said that Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen is "one of the unique local businesses that give our community its distinctive character but which are now being forced out by higher-rent and more generic uses. We need to find ways to protect the diverse storefront uses that make communities like this vibrant and livable--and in this case healthier too!"

In a letter to Friedman Management urging them to preserve the bakery, Council Member Rosie Mendez said: "[Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen] has been a well-loved eatery since 1978 … When we lose establishments such as this one, we lose a part of the Lower East Side community and the unique culture that has been established here."

To find out how you can help save the bakery, call (212) 889-0303 or email