Tuesday, August 08, 2006


A small group of Israeli anarchists blocked the entrance to an Israeli air base today. The group carried signs which read "stop killing of civilians", "stop the war crimes". The group called for an immediate cease fire and for the release of all prisoners and war prisoners. One of the protesters, Jonathan Polak, who was arrested during that activity told YNET that the the action at the air force base is because: "this base is responsible for war crimes - airplanes that take of this base drop bombs on civilians." He added "according to law we must stop these war crime - otherwise we will be regarded as accomplices to these crimes".

If only the planes bombing civilians and the rockets targetting civilians could be so easily stopped. However, anyone trying to stop either is on the right track.

The following is an article from Haaretz (Israel).

Police arrest 12 protesters blocking air force base in north
By Eli Ashkenazi, Haaretz Correspondent

Afula police on Tuesday arrested 12 left-wing activists who blocked the entrance to an Israel Air Force base in the north during a demonstration against the Israel Defense Forces operation in Lebanon and the government's policy in the offensive.

Police said the activists, who were members of the group Anarchists Against the Fence, had assembled illegally at the base.

Some 40 demonstrated participated in the protests, blocking the road at the entrance to the base and denouncing the "criminal policies of the Israeli government."

Police said they would ask the Nazareth Magistrate's Court to extend the remands of some of the detained protesters.

According to police, the protesters denounced IAF pilots as "murderers."

Protesters said it was the obligation of all people to oppose war crimes in every way possible. They said, "citizens in the north are also hostages in this war on behalf of the general who are not capable of saying, 'we were wrong, enough is enough.'"

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