Monday, June 26, 2006


Alec McFadden, who organised last year's 'Say No to Racism' festival in Liverpool, was nearly blinded after being slashed across the face at his Wirral home last month.

The attack was the latest of many carried out on anti-racist campaigners whose names, photographs and addresses have been published on the notorious Red Watch website. Redwatch is a magazine and website, published in the United Kingdom, that displays photographs and personal information of people perceived to be political opponents of its ideology, white nationalism. Their slogan is "Remember places, traitors' faces, they'll all pay for their crimes."

Its opponents claim it is run by the fascist groups Combat 18 and Blood and Honour and that the website is effectively a "hit-list".

Earlier this month Polich police arrested men suspected of helping run the Web site which espouses Nazi ideology.

The man, identified under Poland’s privacy law only as 21-year-old Bartosz B., from the northern city of Slupsk, faces charges of disseminating Nazi ideas, xenophobia and participation in an illegal group, police spokeswoman Beata Tobiasz said.

Police suspect he translated Polish texts into English for the international “Redwatch” Web site, allied with the far-right Blood and Honor [bonehead gang], and helped the managers keep in touch with its administrators [DreamHost] in the United States.

He was detained on Friday and can be held for two months as the charges are investigated further. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.

In Britain, unions, anti-fascist groups and MPs are looking at ways of closing the site and prosecuting those involved.

Home Office minister Vernon Coaker told MPs that the British authorities have no authority over the site because it is hosted by an American company. But he has had talks with his counterparts in the US to get them to investigate whether they have broken any laws and to prosecute.

By the way, I absolutely do not believe in free speech for those who advocate racist violence of any kind. That's nonsense. I'm not the ACLU. For those who would argue if we oppose the nazi's right to spout their venem, it will end up being used against us (left and progressives), I again say nonsense. Repression of the left was never dependent upon repression of the right (and vice versa for that matter).

I don't support anyone's right, for example, to call for my extermination.

The following article comes from Black OnLine (UK).

Website blamed for anti-racism stabbing

Internet companies will be told to act against a far-right website which has been blamed for a vicious knife attack on a Merseyside anti-racism campaigner.

Under pressure from MPs, the Home Office has pledged to put pressure on web service providers, following attacks on many activists who were named on the notorious Red Watch site.

Anti-racism campaigner, Alec McFadden, was nearly blinded after being slashed across the face at his Wirral home in Cheshire.

The leading trade unionist also received cuts to his head, arms and wrists, as he tried to fend off the knifeman in front of his horrified daughters, aged nine and 13.

The companies will be urged to filter out the photographs, and even addresses, posted by the website in what MPs claim is a hit-list for violent racists.

But the Home Office said it is powerless to close down the website, because it is based in the United States.

Mr McFadden's details had been posted on the Red Watch site, which is run by the fascist group, Combat 18, which brands its opponents as "scum" and " retards".

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