Monday, June 26, 2006


Libya’s Supreme Court has rejected civil claims of the five Bulgarian nurses still being held in a Libyan prison against the Libyan officers who had tortured them into making confessions after their arrest in 1999. On January 18, 2005, the nurses signed a joint claim for damages demanding 1 million Libyan dinars each.

Their new criminal trial continues in its on again off again fasion.

The following is from the Bulgarian News Network.

Libyan court completely rejected Bulgarian nurses’ civil claims

SOFIA (bnn)- The Supreme Libyan Court completely rejected the civil claims of the five Bulgarian nurses against the Libyan officers who tortured them in the first months of detention, Focus News agency announced on Monday.

On Jan. 18th, 2005 the Bulgarians signed a common claim that demanded compensation – 1 million Lybian dinares (LYD) (EUR 605,707; US$ 760, 827) for each one of them. The Supreme Court has recently finally acquitted the nine officers who led the investigation over the AIDS outbreak in the town of Benghazi.

After the torturers were found not guilty for their violence, on Monday the judges denied the last retribution opportunity – the civil claims, Focus agency announced.

The scars over the nurses may be seen today, the agency added. At the last session of the Libyan Court of Appeals on June 20th the judge has denied to allow a new medical expertise saying that the violence issue is over after the officers’ acquittal.

However, he agreed that the Bulgarian lawyer give reasons for the psychological torment of the detainees. It’s not clear if the Court of Appeals will take into consideration those arguments. It’s clear however that the rejected civil claims may be used as a reason for the judge panel not to confess any form of violence against the Bulgarians, Focus agency added.

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