Friday, June 16, 2006


UDA and other extremist unionist bands go marching through Rasharkin in Northern Ireland every summer in an obvious provocation to the Catholic residents of the area. Every year there is trouble.

The following comes from a contact in Northern Ireland.

Rasharkin Residents meet with Irish Government

I have been asked to forward on the following press release to my press contacts on behalf of the Rasharkin Residents Association.

For Immediate Release: 15/06/2006

Representatives of the Irish Government met with Residents in Rasharkin today in regard to contentious parades in the mainly Nationalist village.
Kerry-Anne Kelly, a member of the Rasharkin Residents Association said:

“At today’s meeting with the Irish Government we outlined some of the serious concerns local residents have in regard to contentious parades that are due to take place over the summer.

“We remain open and willing to engage in dialogue with parade organisers so that this issue can be resolved in an amicable way. This week’s agreement regarding a parade in North Belfast is proof that such an approach can be resolved peacefully.

“Our biggest concern remains the Ballymaconnelly Parade in August. The presence of loyalist paramilitaries and loyalist paramilitary flags and banners is not going to do anything to improve community relations in the area. The burning of tri-colours in the street as well as the sectarian attacks on Catholic homes on the eve of the parade last year is something that we do not want to see a repeat of this year.

“We remain committed to resolving this issue through dialogue with parade organisers and on the basis of mutual respect. We have asked the Irish Government to use its influence to ensure that we have a peaceful and trouble-free summer in Rasharkin.” ENDS

The Rasharkin Residents Association can be contacted at: 07949227181

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