Thursday, March 02, 2006


Union members in Australia are in no mood to celbrate tthat has meant increased average working hours, an increase in casual and part-time jobs and a decrease in full time jobs.

has also been marked by a push to get more workers on to individual contracts, sky rocketing executive pay and opposition to increases in the minimum wage.

Howard's Government is also known for its attacks on unions as well as the introduction of the Work Choices legislation, which labor leaders say would erode workers core conditions.

The following report from the Australian Broadcasting Network then is no surprise.

Protesters disrupt PM's anniversary function

Protesters have stopped Prime Minister John Howard from using the front entrance of a hotel in Sydney tonight for a function to mark the 10th anniversary of the federal Coalition winning office.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside a hotel in Martin Place in the city, forcing Mr Howard to use the back entrance to the building.

John Robertson from Unions News South Wales says Mr Howard's 10th year in power is nothing to celebrate.

"Every year that John Howard has been Prime Minister, working people in this country have and their families have suffered at the hands of John Howard," he said.

He says the protesters want to send Mr Howard a message about the new industrial laws.

"The message from tonight is that we are going to stay around and hold John Howard and his Government accountable all the way to the next election and the one beyond," he said.

"We're going to make sure all Australians understand the impact of this legislation.

"John Howard's banking on us and the community going away and we won't be."

Meanwhile, ACTU president Sharan Burrow says she has been appalled by the lack of criticism Mr Howard has faced during celebrations of his first 10 years as Prime Minister.

Ms Burrow says she has written a top 10 list of the Coalition Government's failings and she puts dishonesty at the top.

"Our government will not apologise for the terrible lies of children overboard, of weapons of mass destruction, and now Australian Wheat Board," she said.

"So the integrity and the standards that Australians would think they stand by, absolutely destroyed by a Government who will not acknowledge its failures."

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