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Okay, my greyhound bud, Hawk, informs me it is time for Scission to talk about the exploitation and abuse of his brothers and sisters again here.

The news today concerns an international protest against the Greyhound Board of Great Britain awards on January 26th where the racing industry will be spitting on the graves of thousands of greyhounds and patting themselves on the back.  The "ceremony" will take place in Manchester. While the dignitaries are dining, greyhounds are dying.  While these "people" feast  most of the greyhounds that earned the greed driven industry money to pay for their little event will be kept in cold outside kennels in the middle of winter.

 Outside the Hilton Hotel site many will gather to "Give the Dogs a Voice." Those gathered will attempt to raise public awareness of the cruelty that goes on behind the scenes of the greyhound racing industry, the injuries and suffering on the tracks, the exploitation of dogs for financial gain, and the complete failure of current legislation in Britain to protect the dogs.

The Campaign Against Greyhound Exploitation and Death (CAGED) writes:

Every year the Greyhound Board of Great Britain hold an awards ceremony to congratulate themselves and the greyhound trainers for exploiting greyhounds over the year. Whilst this is happening most of the greyhounds that earned the greed driven industry money will be kept in cold outside kennels in the middle of winter. The GBGB usually has its fancy do in London but this year they are coming to Manchester. We will be working with the guys from the Shut Down Belle Vue group,GreytexploitationsPet Levrieri & Pro Greyhound to make sure the whole of Manchester will be made aware of the monsters they are allowing into their city. 

Everyone who is against the racing industry, everyone who has rescued a greyhound, everyone who thinks exploiting these beautiful animals is wrong UNITE make this protest and show the industry how hated this industry really is. 

The Hilton Manchester are hosting this farce of an awards gala.

Manchester is also the home of the Belle Vue Greyhound Stadium which was the first oval track in Great Britain opening in 1926.  Tens of thousands of greyhounds have been raced there and they still do.

Similar vigils and protest will take place in Italy, Argentina, and Germany at the same time.

CAGED says:

It is estimated that between Ireland and the UK around 10,000 greyhounds are euthanized or disappear each year, either ‘culled’ as pups because deemed unsuitable for racing, eliminated due to being too slow or because of injury, or simply because of having reached the end of their racing careers. Only a small percentage is given up for adoption.

These dogs spend their lives caged and often muzzled, deprived of human contact and the opportunity to play. For these reasons, racing is an inherently cruel ‘sport’, which must be banned. 

Meanwhile Pet Levrieri reports in Australia (and it is the same everywhere):

Thousands of healthy greyhound puppies are disappearing, presumed killed, every year, but their deaths are not reported or investigated by the $144 million greyhound racing industry.

Shocking details about puppy farming and the mass killing of the pups have emerged as a record number of people and organizations told a NSW parliamentary inquiry about the dark practices of the greyhound industry.

In one submission, a former industry participant, who did not want to be identified because he said he feared for his safety, said: “I actually found a brown sack one day, when washing my hands in the river that ran through the property, full of dead newborn pups.”

In 2011, up to 3440 puppies were born in registered litters but disappeared before they were named. Naming is a prerequisite for the dogs to race.

Rescue and adoption group Amazing Greys says the industry is one of the largest puppy mills in Australia and relies on breeding a huge excess to find a few champions. ”The industry is characterized by routine killings of puppies and dogs, greed and profits,” its submission said.

The following is from Pet Levieri.


Greyhound racing is an abomination. No animal should be subject to the greed of the gambling industry. Thousands of dogs bred to fed the gambling machine, token dogs selected for adoption to appease the welfare issue.
Greyhounds come under the legislation of livestock, and are treated like livestock, which in their case includes the heinous crime of human greed, unscrupulous practices & protection of those unscrupulous practices, and in the name of human entertainment, and are disposed of just like livestock.
Greyhounds are essentially domestic dogs, just like any other domestic dogs. From puppies, they yearn for what all other dogs do – a home/pack to belong to. Instead, they endure cramped, caged living conditions and the rigors of becoming a racing dog through a training regime that has many injuries in itself, plus track injuries – to inevitable euthanasia, because of this or simply because they show no inclination to run & don’t cut it at the track. Every year, thousands of greyhounds are disposed of, because they are commodities to the racing industry.
It is unethical and immoral to think that entertainment involves the maltreatment and eventual blood of this beautiful, loyal, gentle, regal and even tempered dog – and turn a blind eye. Be their voice. 

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